Looking for burner phone websites that let you make instant private calls or texts?

Burner phone apps are free and quick to set up, but sometimes all you need is a quick call or text – anonymously.

To do that, there’re tons of burner phone websites that’ll give you a free temporary phone number.

These temporary phone number generators are great, especially if you’re looking to send a quick text or call for free.

Not sure what free burner phone websites there are? Read on to find out.

3 burner phone websites you can use for absolutely free

Website 1: Poptox

You’re likely already familiar with Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) providers like Skype and WhatsApp, but those aren’t exactly private.

With Poptox however, you get an online VoIP service that prioritises your privacy.

Poptox is an online VoIP service that makes private calls to both cell phones and landlines.

To get started with Poptox, all you have to do is:

  • Key in the phone number you want to call
  • Tap the “Call” button.

That’s it. No payment needed, no hidden fees.

Poptox can make calls to cell phones and landlines. The only downside? The website currently limits how many free calls you can make in a day, and how long they can be.

Website 2: Call2Friends

Unlike Poptox, Call2Friends can be used online on a web browser or as an app for both Android and iOS.

Ads aside, Call2Friends offers calls with zero connection fees and hidden charges

Calls made on Call2Friends have zero connection fees and hidden charges.

Free calls can also be made to multiple countries, and even the caller ID can be configured for free.

Do take note however, that free calls operate on a trial basis and the quality tends to be worse than ordinary calls.

Website 3: iEvaphone

iEvaphone is available both on web browsers or as an app on Android or iOS.

Just like Call2Friends, iEvaphone can be used both on browser or as a mobile app. 

Like Call2Friends, free calls are only provided to several countries including the US and UK.

The website also makes it clear that call attempts are dropped every 24 hours, and users are only allowed 1 to 2 minutes of free talk time.

On a side note, installing the app instantly gives you 10 call credits for free.

Get lasting privacy protection with Phoner

Burner phone websites are great if you’re looking to make a quick call or text for free.

But if long-term phone number privacy is what you want, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Want a reliable, long-term privacy fix? Try our own Phoner burner app.

With Phoner, get access to unlimited burner numbers you can instantly use without a new SIM.

Simply download the app, pick a burner number you like, and start making anonymous calls and texts.

And that’s it. Give these burner phone websites a try for a quick, free call, or download Phoner for Android and iOS for long-term phone privacy protection now.