Have you ever thought of sending anonymous text messages with your WhatsApp?

Do you want to know how to get an anonymous number for WhatsApp?

As WhatsApp has become extremely popular, geeky people are interested to know how they can bypass the SMS verification method of WhatsApp activation. This process is basically about sending messages by an anonymous number of WhatsApp.

By sending SMS to an anonymous number of WhatsApp, the recipient would not recognize the sender recipient.

What is WhatsApp, and how to use a fake number with it?

WhatsApp is a well-known mobile application that you can use on your PC and your smartphone. Through this communication application, you can easily send videos, pictures, or messages free of cost to anywhere across the globe.

WhatsApp register its users after verifying a confirmation code that it sends on their mobile number. Then how it can be possible to use a fake number without using your real mobile number?

It might be difficult for you to understand right now. But after reading these methods, you will be able to complete your WhatsApp verification and use it anonymously.

Getting an anonymous number for WhatsApp

Let's see how it is possible!

To get an anonymous number for WhatsApp, you can use three methods, namely:

  1. Online SMS Verification Site
  2. Use of Two WhatsApp in One Android Phone
  3. Use of Different Free Apps

Let's discuss each one of these methods in detail:

Method  1: Online SMS Verification Site

The first method is using an online SMS verification site. This site will assist you in verifying your anonymous mobile number easily. Here you can take help from various websites like freeonlinephone.org or receivesmsonline.net etc.

You can easily use the WhatsApp application being an anonymous user without unveiling your real mobile number. This is the best way with which you can keep your mobile number private.

You have to follow the given steps here:

  • Open a specific site, and the list will be displayed online in front of you, consisting of numerous mobile numbers.
  • Please select any of them and enter the number to the specific WhatsApp verification mobile number field.
  • Now select the SMS verification method, after which you will be receiving an SMS to that particular contact number.
  • Next, you have to receive a verification code from the specific website to get a fake number for WhatsApp.
  • Enter that verification code in the "verification code" field, and here we go.

This is how the whole process of getting an anonymous number for WhatsApp will be done.

Method No 2: Using Two WhatsApp in One Android Phone

Complete the following steps to use the second method:

  • First of all, install GB WhatsApp and register your unknown number with it. Make sure that you installed an updated version of GB WhatsApp (v6.00).
  • Afterwards, verify your fake/anonymous number with that particular application.
  • Once the verification is done, it's good to go with a fake WhatsApp number.

Method No 3: Using Free Phone Apps

The third and most commonly used method is through using a free app. These applications have a privacy policy to secure your mobile number. Among so many best free apps, we have the top recommendation of "Phoner".

Phoner is the best application that you can use for an anonymous number for WhatsApp.

It allows you to use as many phone numbers anonymously. By using this app, you can conveniently protect your privacy and also hide your caller id.

It gives countless unknown phone numbers and allows verification codes from various apps or services, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Twitter or Uber etc. This application's changer also gives you chances to change as many phone numbers for temporary used.

Phoner features

The few best features of the Phoner app are:

  • This app is best for cheap voice calls and free texting. You will enjoy making long calls internationally and locally at any hour of the day.
  • Plus, you can mask your mobile number very quickly. Just text and call anonymously without any hassle.
  • You have the freedom to change your mobile number without signing any contract or changing your device.
  • This app is a reliable calling platform where you will use your data network for making Internet calls.
  • Great for tourists or travelers during international trips.
  • It supports various platforms such as iOS, Android, and the web.


Here are download links for iOS, Android, and Web users:

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Bottom Line - Get an Anonymous Number for WhatsApp in 2021

There are several methods to get an anonymous number for WhatsApp without, but Phoner method stays on top of our recommendation list. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

With Phoner, you can successfully get the anonymous number for WhatsApp in just a few seconds. Try it now but make sure you don't use this trick for bad practices.

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