With so many burner apps around, calling ourselves the best burner phone number app might seem like a tall statement.

We’ve previously talked about how Phoner stacks up against the competition in terms of price, location, numbers, customer service and add-ons. For a quick summary, Phoner leads the pack because:

  • It’s the only app that lets you pay only when you want to make a call or send a text
  • It gives you unlimited burner numbers
  • It lets you skip pricey international calling fees in more countries
  • We make sure no customer trouble goes unanswered

Still not convinced that Phoner is the best burner phone number app? Here’re 5 more reasons why.

Another 5 reasons why Phoner is the best burner phone number app

Whether you’re looking for the best burner phone number app for Android or iOS, the answer is Phoner. Here’s 5 more reasons why:

Reason 1: Phoner lets you customise burner numbers down to local area codes.

Get customised burner numbers and connect with your locale with Phoner

Need a second phone number for your online business or a separate number for casual dating? You’ll likely want a burner number with your local area code.

Because Phoner lets you customise burner numbers by choosing the state and area of your choice, you can easily get burner numbers that suit your needs wherever you are.

Reason 2: Phoner allows you to sign up anonymously

Phoner doesn't require your personal details. Because that's what privacy's all about.

Some burner phone number apps may request certain degrees of identity registration.

Thing is, it’s not really a burner phone number app if the app saves and sends personally identifiable information to someone else.

With Phoner, you won’t have to worry about this.

While some countries do require ID verification for burner numbers, Phoner as a whole can be used anonymously. Any personally identifiable information will not be collected or sent to anyone else without your consent.

Reason 3:  Phoner call credits do not expire.

With Phoner, your call credits last wayyyy longer.

We’ve briefly mentioned this point in our earlier list, and can’t help stressing it again.

A big problem lots of people face with burner phones or burner phone number apps is that their plans always expire with a ton of unused credits.

Many of us probably only make anonymous calls and texts only occasionally. Why should you pay for a week, month or year-long plan?

With Phoner, only pay whenever you want to make an anonymous call or text on your Phoner number.

Phoner call credits only expire when your Phoner number expires. If you choose to extend your Phoner number, those call credits are also extended.

Reason 4: Phoner comes with a built-in call recording function

Save important conversations with Phoner's in-built call recording function

Another reason why Burner is the best burner phone number app is because it has a handy call-recording function that comes with no extra fee.

To record your calls, all you need to do is tap a button before making the call.

Take note: certain countries or even states require two-party consent. This means that if you choose to record a call, your listener also needs to agree to being recorded.

Reason 5: Phoner works even without WiFi.

Wherever you are, Phoner's always here for you.

One thing many people don’t realise is that there’s actually a huge difference that set some burner apps apart from others.

All burner apps use fake numbers to conceal your actual one. But some of them do so using Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), while others use fake phone numbers that rely on standard connections.

Phoner doesn’t use VoIP. This means that even when there isn’t a strong internet connection or mobile data available, you can still connect with loved ones anywhere, anytime.

The best burner phone number app is right here

Phoner packs unique features that many burner phone number apps today lack. But while we personally believe that Phoner is the best burner phone number app, you should pick one that suits your needs best.

Get the best burner phone number app today

That said, the best burner phone number app is literally right here. To get started, download Phoner for Android now. On an iPhone? We’ve got you covered too.