With the growing concern surrounding data and privacy leaks, many have grown wary of sharing their main phone numbers to applications on our phones. Yet, we do not get the full satisfaction from the pre-installed messaging services in our phones.

How can we find a secure app that does not require our details like our phone number or our details? How can we keep connected to our friends and family with a peace of mind, knowing that the data is not being logged and shared? Can we text someone without them knowing our real phone numbers?

Thankfully, there are many apps available to consumers today, as we communicate and store our information in an increasingly data-hungry Internet space.

Option 1: Facebook messenger

When searching for how to get a messenger app without a phone number, Facebook Messenger is probably the first few recommendations you would see.

Facebook Messenger is an immensely popular app, especially because you do not have to share your real phone number with your contact to chat with them. All you need is an internet connection and, like almost everyone already has, an account on Facebook. Send a first message as you would to your contact’s Facebook profile and once he or she ‘accepts your request’, both parties can chat freely. You can add people into a chat group for group messaging options as well.

Your phone number has probably already been logged in with Facebook when you had set up an account with them. This, they claim, is for added security features.

However, it is most likely that they do so to keep logs or are tracking people’s activities on their platform.

Facebook's data-breaching crimes with serious consequences on privacy have come to light in recent years

Following the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, it might be hard to trust Facebook and their vague data policies anymore. Facebook has however, made one thing clear: your private messages sent via their platforms are and always have been a property of Facebook. Messenger had also been collecting lots of data on you, including your call and text history from outside of Messenger. But, it had stopped doing this in March this year after it was found to be doing so.

But, considering the heinous snooping Facebook has done through its publicized scandals, who knows what other data breaches they are keeping under wraps.  Facebook Messenger is still so widely popular, Facebook does not feel the need to be accountable to their consumers. Remember, Facebook is also making substantial revenue off of their ability to offer businesses targeted advertising. They are essentially profiting off of their need and growing ability to profile you with greater specificity and  Your individual data and privacy might not be in their interests, so think twice before entrusting your texts with them.

Option 2: Use a text burner app

Text Burner- Texting App is the best messenger app without a phone number and keeping your real phone number anonymous.

Why would this be the best option for you?
✔️Contact anyone you want without them getting your real phone number

✔️The app itself will not have a record of your real phone number

✔️ Burn and dispose as many numbers as you want anytime. Both temporary and permanent numbers are available.

✔️Access true privacy and anonymity with the app’s “No Log” policy

✔️ Delete individual messages or entire sets to protect privacy

Some instances where you will need this private messaging app:

When communicating with a buyer or seller on Craigslist or other online e-commerce sites or listings

For small businesses to communicate with clients using the same phone without their real cell phone numbers

For your discreet activities that you do not want seen or logged

This text burner app is also additionally reliable because while it is free to download, you pay for your subscription for your alternate phone numbers and for using them. This means you actually will own a whole new number altogether, for a fraction of the price.

WARNING: Text message apps without a phone number that promise the whole deal for free are not to be trusted, for they are most probably selling that data you have allowed them to log for a profit.

The first step to privacy: Text Messaging without Phone Number

It seems more and more important today that we do not give out our phone numbers or any of our personal details of ours out freely. The growing frequency of scams, data-pulling and even spam callers can be a real annoyance, an invasion of personal privacy, and in worst case scenarios, can even threaten our lives.

Always ensure both you and the applications you subscribe to dedicate to protecting your personal identity and privacy. Starting with a messenger app without a phone number is a good first step to protecting yourself. Take note that merely following the crowd to download the most popular ‘private’ apps might not always be the wisest choice.

You can explore other apps here at Appsverse. Our dedication to protecting personal freedoms against the prying eyes of the government and corporate infrastructure today has brought the imagination of many more list-topping privacy apps.