AIS is the largest telco in Thailand with close to 40 million customers, which is why it can be troubling when customers face AIS speedtest slow internet problems.

Despite the company taking the next step by introducing a full range of mobile, digital, and fixed broadband services, there might be various reasons behind slow AIS internet speed.

Let’s take a look at a few of them so you can solve them and get closer to your loved ones in an instant.

Reasons Behind AIS Speedtest Slow Internet Connection

  1. The health of your mobile phone or computer might have an effect on the internet connection. Viruses and spyware can also cause problems.
  2. Add-on programs on the system can affect the internet speed. The amount of memory your system has, its condition, and the hard disk space are primary reasons behind slow internet connection.
  3. Another most common behind AIS speedtest slow internet connection is bandwidth throttling - an action that ISPs such as AIS deliberately do to lower your Internet speed.

AIS Speedtest Slow Internet: Why ISPs Throttle Internet Connection and How to Fix It?

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If you notice a sudden drop in the internet speed, right when you are about to stream your favorite, or you find it is taking serious time to download a game, you might be experiencing bandwidth throttling.

Bandwidth throttling keeps you from using the ISP’s bandwidth excessively via downloading, streaming, etc. ISPs do this without informing you and without taking your permission.

Your internet service provider can analyze your data to check what you are browsing, the apps you are using, the things you are uploading or downloading, etc. On the basis of this information, an ISP can flag an activity they think is problematic.

Usually, most internet users experience a slower internet connection. In case you are flagged for P2P sharing, downloading large files, or HD streaming, your internet service provider might reduce the bandwidth you are enjoying.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why ISPs throttle your bandwidth.

  1. Legal Problems: P2P sharing and torrenting come with some legal dangers. Even though many people use these legally, many users download and share materials protected with copyright illegally. As a consequence, legal groups across the world pressurize ISPs to track and block torrenting activities. So, if you are torrenting, you are going to be flagged by the ISP provider, and you will find an AIS speedtest slow internet connection.
  2. Cutting Costs: ISPs have a certain data processing capacity and bandwidth which they divide among their customers. So, there is only a limited amount of bandwidth available to their entire range of customers. When customers use a lot of bandwidth, it creates network congestion and increases the cost for the ISPs. Thus, they resort to limit the bandwidth available to every customer.
VPNs like VPN Vault by Appsverse help.

The best way to bypass bandwidth throttling is to hide your online activity from the internet service provider. You can do this by using a VPN while using the AIS Thailand telco to browse or download anything.

A good VPN will encrypt the data and will make it pass through a protective tunnel within the network of the ISP. So, ISPs are unable to track the data you send or receive.

AIS Speedtest Slow Internet: Best VPN to Use to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling

VPN Vault by Appsverse

Here are the two best VPN providers that can solve the problem of AIS speedtest slow internet connection.

  1. VPN Vault by Appsverse

To eliminate the problem of AIS speedtest slow internet connection, you can use VPN Vault by Appsverse. It offers ultimate privacy and security to its users that help in hiding your online activity. So, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth throttling by AIS telecom.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

You can download VPN Vault on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

2. NordVPN

With NordVPN, you can easily bypass bandwidth throttling. It offers military-grade privacy tools and 5700 servers across the world. Hence, it is just ideal for hiding your online activity. With NordVPN, you can also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee.

AIS Speedtest Slow Internet: The Bottom Line

VPN Vault by Appsverse

ISP bandwidth throttling is a common problem. You might be a victim of it without knowing. By slowing down the internet deliberately, the ISPs are being dishonest. So, the best thing you can do to bypass throttling and solve the problem of AIS speedtest slow internet is using VPN Vault by Appsverse.