If you are looking for the best free unlimited VPN, what you may be looking for is a VPN that can offer you secure, private browsing, effectively hide your IP address but yet free of charge.

Unfortunately in the world of VPNs, nothing comes for free, and free VPNs usually make you pay by selling your data, collecting your browsing history, throttling speeds, and even installing malicious malware.

If you still insist on find the best free unlimited VPN..

Okay, we understand that it is hard to be asked to pay for something when there are all these free options available. Why pay for something when you get get free?  Plus, it is something you feel you may not use even very frequently.

If you still insist on finding the best free unlimited VPN, we will at least help you with that. Here are a list things that you should look out for in a free VPN service:

  1. A no-logs policy
  2. No hidden charges
  3. Good reviews
  4. Professional looking site

If any of the items do not check out with free VPN service you are looking at, we highly suggest that you should avoid downloading it.

What about fast speeds? I just need a free fast VPN for a short time!

Fast VPN speeds and completely free VPNs simply do not go together. Just think about it: VPN servers require monthly costs, but yet free VPNs are not charging you a single cent for it. How would they have the money to invest in high-speed or premium servers? It is simply not possible!

Okay, what about a free VPN for torrenting or for streaming Netflix?

Ability to steam Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu is something that usually paid VPNs support. If you are looking to torrent safely, you may face a hard time with a free VPN as torrenting speeds might be really slow.

That is the trick that free VPN providers use: they let you in on the free version and and then push you into paying for the full one. When you reach the point that you are sick and tired of waiting for Netflix to buffer with their limited servers, they offer you a premium purchase to get in on a better fully functional experience.

Is there really no free VPN that offers these things?

If you feel like you are not ready to pay or a Premium VPN, you may want to use a semi-unlimited VPN that still free to use.

Proxy VPN for example, allows you to use the service for free but with a small caveat. Proxy VPN offers the following:

  1. Able to stream Netflix, Hulu, and others, and access other geoblocked content
  2. Have lightning-fast connection speeds
  3. A strict policy that promises your data isn’t being logged

What is the small caveat? Proxy VPN has a data or bandwidth limit imposed on you each day. However, the amount given is generous and sufficient for a good hour of browsing or streaming.

To get more data, you can earn more data by checking in the app each day or referring a friend to the app.


We find that semi-unlimited free VPNs like Proxy VPN are far safer, more reliable, and work with faster speeds compared to completely free VPN services. Check out Proxy VPN if you need a  private VPN free or best free unlimited VPN for iPhone or best free unlimited VPN for Android.