If you’re into crypto, or ever heard of the fast-growing technology called blockchain, you must probably have a familiarity with crypto exchange platforms like Binance.

For the experienced crypto traders, binance is one of the most reliable crypto trading platforms, while for the beginners or who don’t know about it, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform, where users can sign up for an account and start trading Bitcoin, BNB, and  many other  crypto currencies.  Unfortunately, Binance.com is no more available to the US-based users. Hence, if they try to open the Binance’s website with their US IP address, they get denial message.

Luckily, we have found some great VPN alternatives to binance, as mentioned in this article. We also included our top pick as a best VPN for binance.ioned in this article. We also included our top pick as the best VPN for binance.

Best VPN for Binance: What is Binance?

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Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges with a daily turnover of more than one billion dollars. The exchange offers a useful multilingual interface and various additional tools, which makes crypto trading more comfortable. Binance charges users a minimum fee, and they can withdraw two bitcoins a day without identity confirmation. The service can also be availed via its mobile app that is available both for Android and iOS.

Best VPN for Binance: Benefits of Using VPN

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Binance is a kind of platform that serves as a great opportunity for scammers, hence binance traders must ensure their security with reliable VPNs.

Secondly, since the website of Binance is no more available in the U.S. the best VPNs can help users open the same without compromising their identity and personal information.

Here we bring some of the best alternative VPNs for binance, along with our top pick.

Best VPN for Binance: VPN Alternatives Out There

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1. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA), developed by the Kape Technologies is a great VPN for cryptocurrency. It lets users use Binance from anywhere in the world and also protects their finances. PIA secures the crypto data using OpenVPN and WireGuard, with up to 256-bit AES military-grade encryption. It has a VPN killswitch to avoid IP leaks by stopping the traffic outside the VPN. Other features are port forwarding, private DNS, split tunneling, SOCKS5, Shadowsocks proxy, and 24/7 live chat support.

2. NordVPN

This has been probably one of the best VPN choices for binance. This service provides blazing speeds, strong security features, a strict no-logging policy, and access to over 5,000 high-speed servers worldwide. NordVPN supports custom and private DNS servers, two separate kill switches for selected applications and the whole Internet, along with an ad and malware blocker called CyberSec.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost VPN is known as one of the best VPNs for using binance out there. Users can set up their VPN connection directly on their router, and if their console is connected to their Wi-Fi network, it will instantly be protected. CyberGhost offers more than 6200 servers from 90+ countries worldwide. It offers fast connections, unlimited bandwidth, and a broad range of powerful and easy-to-use security features.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

We suggest using the best VPN alternative for Binance that is safer, more transparent, and works 100% well with the platform. And here we recommend the VPN Vault!

VPN Vault – The Best VPN for Binance

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault is the safest and best app for online surfing and to find your desired content over the web. VPN Vault by Appsverse makes your online surfing experience free from any limitations and hindrances since it doesn’t let the server reveal your actual location. You can now surf for your favorite apps and websites while keeping your identity private.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

Get secured access with no boundaries at the tip of your fingers through the VPN Vault mobile app for iOS and Android. With VPN Vault, all your data sent and received through an encrypted tunnel. It offers the very best encryption and privacy features so that no one can get their hands on your confidential information.

Key features that make it the best VPN for binance include:

  • Full traffic protection
  • No IP logging
  • No history logging
  • Rotating IP

The most special features of VPN Vault that give it an edge over other VPN services include:

  • AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Access to 75+ countries (beating the likes of Surfshark and NordVPN)
  • High upload and download speeds beating popular VPN Cyberghost

Powered by worldwide servers, enjoy a network of global VPN servers and experience a world without borders and 24/7 online crypto experience.