"What is the full form of a VPN?"— The question is a very unusual or peculiar one, but you will be surprised how it has come up on several occasions from a variety of different people.

There is actually no straightforward answer to this question regarding the full form of a VPN, as it really depends on what you would consider what as "full" or "part" of a VPN.

We investigated further and realized a common pattern. The people who asked the same questions mostly had previous experience mobile app VPNs, and not with VPN in other form such as desktop apps, browser extensions and so on.

Do VPNs only exists as mobile apps?

The answer is no. VPNs did not exist as mobile apps, until quite recently. Before that, full form of a VPN traditionally appeared in the form of Browser extensions, or desktop app, on a variety of platforms such Windows, Mac, Linux and so on.

Do VPN mobile apps and previous type of VPNs work the same?

VPN mobile apps and other previous incarnations of full form of a VPN work almost similarly or identical. The exception would be that VPN mobile apps are easy to use as it supports easy installation of VPN profiles compared to full form of a VPN.

With VPN profiles installed, VPN apps are simple to operate with just a simple button tap away from being connected.

Which VPN mobile apps also offers desktop, mac and other full forms of VPN?

VPN Proxy is available on iOS and Android, with full form of a VPN, Mac and Windows desktop app in the works.

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