Are you thinking of getting a VPN and wondering what does VPN do for your phone?

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, provides many benefits for your phone including the ability to connect to blocked websites and content in other countries and a more secure browsing experience.

When you are on your phone, VPN helps you stay anonymous and access blocked sites, videos and content while you are on-the-go.

Let us explore what is a VPN and how it can benefit you on your phone, whether you are on an iPhone or Android phone.

What does VPN do for your phone - What is VPN?

VPN is a service that encrypts your connection to the Internet.

When you connect to the Internet, your connection is visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

What VPN does for your phone is that it is an intermediary protecting your connection between your phone and your server.

All you have to do is download a VPN app for your phone which will help you access restricted websites and apps, and perform banking activities safely.

What does VPN do for your phone - How does VPN work?

VPN offers security for your phone

As mentioned earlier, a VPN acts as an intermediary between you and the website or service you are accessing.

However, how this works behind the scenes is actually much more complicated than that.

Here is a more in-depth look at how a VPN works on your phone.

Note: To begin, you must have downloaded a VPN app like VPN Vault on your mobile phone. This software gives you VPN access.

1) When you open the app and press the “On” button, your VPN app sends a request to be connected to our VPN server.

2) You will either be connected to a random VPN server if you are on a free plan or be connected to another country’s server if you choose one under VPN Vault’s premium subscription.

3) The VPN server then changes the IP address from your request into the IP address of the VPN server.

4) The VPN server then sends your modified request through an encrypted channel to the destination server, bypassing your Internet Service Provider.

5) When you try to load a website that is usually blocked in your country with VPN turned on, the destination server reads your IP address as coming from another country and will assume your request is from that country.

6) It will then return the request for content based on whether that country allows it. If your IP address modified via VPN allows that request to be received, the blocked website will load on your phone.

Three examples of what VPN can do for your phone

A VPN app acts as a proxy to hide your Internet activity on your phone

A VPN can be very useful for your phone, when you are on-the-go. Here are some examples of what it can do for your phone:

1) A VPN can help you change your IP address

Your Internet Service Provider identifies you using an IP address and can use it to find out what websites you have accessed.

A VPN can help you change your IP address so that you can remain anonymous and your activities on your phone will not be tagged to your physical location.

2) A VPN can help you change your location

Your IP address is tagged to your physical location, so when a VPN app on your phone is activated, it can help change your location so that you can access certain shows that are blocked in your country through streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

3) A VPN can help you encrypt outgoing and incoming Internet traffic

Your connection to the Internet on your phone can be seen by your ISP and can be used to sniff for websites you have accessed.

A VPN app on your phone helps encrypt this traffic so that your activity stays private and cannot be accessed by external actors such as your ISP or hackers looking to target you.

Three uses of what a VPN app can do for your phone

A VPN app on your phone lets you bypass Internet restrictions in school
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A VPN app has multiple uses for your phone. Here are three of them:

1) A VPN can help you hide your IP address when using your phone

A VPN helps you hide your IP address, which is used to identify your physical location and Internet activities such as download history.

This is useful if you want to stay anonymous while performing Internet activities on your phone.

2) A VPN can help you unblock restricted content or access games while in school

With a VPN app on your phone, you will be able to overcome restrictions placed on certain content in your country such as shows on streaming sites like Netflix and websites that are banned in your country.

You will also be able to unblock social media and gaming sites from school areas and access them while you are using the school’s wifi connection.

3) A VPN helps you hide your Internet traffic

When you are using the Internet using your phone, your Internet traffic and sites visited are logged by your ISP.

With VPN, what it does on your phone is that it does not log your traffic so the sites you have visited cannot be made visible to anybody else.

How to download a VPN app onto your phone

VPN Vault - VPN App for Phone
VPN Vault lets you encrypt your Internet connection on your phone

To download a VPN app on your phone, it is very simple. Here are a few steps:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s App Store, whether it be the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Type in the word “VPN Vault” on your App Store’s search bar. We recommend the VPN Vault app by Appsverse.

Step 3: Otherwise, you can also search 'VPN' which should also show you a variety of other options.

We recommend the VPN Vault app as it allows you to get 200MB of free data daily.

What’s more: if you have a student email ending with .edu, you can get 50MB of additional free data every day just by registering your email address in the app.

Simply download VPN Vault using these links:

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VPN Vault - VPN App for Phone
VPN Vault App for your phone

Download the VPN Vault app today for your phone and secure your Internet connection while accessing blocked websites and videos, all while you are on-the-go