Really, no kidding. In 2018, an Israeli security company, Checkpoint Research managed to hack and alter the content of WhatsApp messages. Yes, that Facebook-acquired tele-messaging app that you just sent an Emoji on can be hacked. So how private is WhatsApp actually? Stay with us and we will show you how safe/unsafe your data is on WhatsApp. Some information may just surprise you.

How private is your WhatsApp actually?

Safety Concern 1: Profile Picture and Bio

Just changed your profile photo recently? Did you know that not just your profile photo, but your bio could also be accessible to anyone who has your contact number? Unless your profile photo is a cat photo with a “hi” as your bio, your privacy could have already been compromised. “But I didn’t share my number…” Think again. Been registering for some online form recently, or joined a WhatsApp group chat with unknown dubious characters. Well, your contact might already have been on the contact list of some telemarketers or syndicates out there.

Safety Concern 2: The end-to-end encryption

While WhatsApp ensures that an-end-to-end encryption is in placed when you send your messages over, the messages aren’t inaccessible once it reaches your device. And that’s not the only decrypted information. Heard of WhatsApp backup feature? It serves as a fall-back option if you lose your data. But this just-in-case features stores your data on unencrypted servers. If you think WhatsApp is fully private, think again.

Safety Concern 3: WhatsApp Status

Enjoyed this Instagram-looking feature so far? Well, the people in your contact list might have. Yes, that means even the random salesperson whom you saved his number moments ago can see you singing in that status messages. Embarrassing? How about unsafe? And what if that wasn’t a salesperson number whom you saved? If that was a hidden telemarketer or even the creepy fellow whom you block on Facebook... Well let’s just say WhatsApp isn’t as private as you think it is.

Safety Concern 4: WhatsApp or not WhatsApp

Even the process of downloading the WhatsApp app isn’t necessarily safe. Fake WhatsApp websites have been springing up, luring unknowing visitor to download the false app and the spyware features in them. In some websites, you may even receive a form requesting for your contact numbers before you can download “WhatsApp”. That isn’t the real WhatsApp, in case you were wondering. If you have done that, expect to receive weird spam calls. How private is WhatsApp? You make the choice.

WhatsApp is not fully private. But that doesn’t mean you have to shut it down and return to the hermit life of pre-WhatsApp days. All we are saying is, WhatsApp, but a more private WhatsApp?
Is that even possible?
Yes, and we have just the feature to help.

Bogus WhatsApp sites are aplenty. Have you been a victim of it?

The solution: Phoner app

WhatsApp becomes unsafe when your data gets exposed either by wrongly downloading the app itself or over-sharing your information. But with a second phone number, you can very well avoid it. Phoner app offers you a variety of numbers from all across the US to choose from. We recommend to have a second number for your professional messages and leave a private number for only your friends and family.

WhatsApp may not be private but you can be safe. And Phoner app can make you safe.