How to find someone on Tik Tok without a username is actually way easier than you think.

(image credit: CNN) Tik Tok makes it very easy for anyone to find you on the app. 

If you’re using Tik Tok and want to:

  • find someone on Tik Tok without asking for their username
  • find a contact on Tik Tok who has changed their username
  • search for someone on Tik Tok but don’t know their username or
  • simply connect with Tik Tok users near you

Then this guide is just for you.

Want to find out how to find someone on TIk Tok without a username? Read on to find out.

How to find someone on Tik Tok without username in 3 ways

There are really only 4 ways to find someone on Tik Tok:

  1. By searching their Tik Tok username
  2. By scanning their Tik Tok QR code
  3. By looking them up in your contact list
  4. By adding them among your Facebook Friends

Method 1: find someone on Tik Tok with their QR code

Unlike most social apps, Tik Tok allows users to connect with each other using unique QR codes known as TikCodes.

All a user has to do is let someone else scan their TikCode and get connected with other Tik Tok users. The unique TikCode can even be saved as an image on mobile devices for convenience.

To open your TikCode, you’ll need to:

  1. Open Tik Tok
  2. Tap the Me icon at the bottom right
  3. Select the three vertical dots at the top right
  4. Scroll down and select TikCode
  5. Wait for the QR code to finish loading.
Follow these steps to open your TikCode

To scan someone else’s Tik Tok QR code, follow these steps instead:

  1. Open Tik Tok
  2. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon at the bottom
  3. Select the icon beside the search bar at the top right
  4. Allow Tik Tok to access your mobile device’s camera.
  5. Scan your friend’s QR code directly from their phone’s screen.
  6. You’ll be shown your friend’s Tik Tok profile. Tap the Follow button

Method 2: find someone on Tik Tok with your phone contacts

Another way to find someone on Tik Tok without their username is to find them via your phone contacts.

If you’ve an acquaintance or friend you’d like to follow but don’t wish to ask them for their Tik Tok username upfront, this method allows you to connect on Tik Tok anonymously (if you’re using a Tik Tok username that can’t be traced back to you, that is).

To find someone on Tik Tok using your phone’s contact list, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Tik Tok
  2. Tap the Me icon at the bottom right
  3. Then tap the icon at the top left.
  4. Select Find Contacts

Take note: you can find Tik Tok users among your phone contacts only if you’ve added your phone number on Tik Tok.

You'll need to link a phone number to your Tik Tok first before you can start finding contacts

Also, Not all friends who are Tik Tok users in your phone contacts will be revealed.  Tik Tok allows users to choose whether they want to be found via this method so it’s likely that not all of your friends on Tik Tok will be revealed.

Method 3: find someone on Tik Tok among your Facebook Friends

If your friends frequently use Facebook, you can also find them on Tik Tok via the app’s Find Facebook Friends feature.

You should note though, that choosing this method allows Tik Tok full access to your public profile on Facebook as well as your friends list.

Tik Tok also allows you to easily look up Facebook friends on the app. 

Follow these steps to find someone on Tik Tok via Facebook:

  1. Open Tik Tok
  2. Tap the Me icon at the bottom right
  3. Tap the icon at the top left
  4. Select Find Facebook Friends
  5. Tik Tok will prompt you to sign into Facebook. Tap Continue
  6. Sign into Facebook
  7. Tik Tok will now show you a list of your Facebook friends who are on the app.
  8. Tap Follow next to users you’d like to add.

Finding someone on Tik Tok is so easy, you should be concerned

Tik Tok is as social as any social app can get.

But when anyone can look you up even if they don’t know your username, you might want to think twice before hopping on Tik Tok.

(image credit: CNet) Tik Tok poses many privacy issues - and these should rightly concern you. 

Still, there are some things you can do to protect your privacy on Tik Tok:

  1. Be careful who you show your QR code to. Make sure that no one saves a copy of your QR code.
  2. Also be careful when scanning other user’s QR codes, as it is possible for hackers to infect your phone using malware-laden QR codes.
  3. Link a separate phone number to Tik Tok. If you need a second phone number, you can easily grab one with our Phoner second phone number app.
  4. Disable the option for others to look you up on Tik Tok via their phone’s contact list.

So that’s how to find someone on Tik Tok without username. To prevent others from easily looking you up, be sure to properly configure your privacy settings on Tik Tok. Protect your privacy on Tik Tok today!