See 3 ways you can get a phone number on your iPhone without buying a SIM card

1. Get eSIM | How to get phone number on iPhone

Although most smartphones still do not support eSIM (or electronic SIM cards), it is only a matter of time before the flagship phones adopt this new technology. eSIM make it possible to have a phone line on your phone without the need for a physical SIM card.

eSIM may also stand for "embedded SIM card" depending on what the carrier prefers to call it. The idea is new way of registering numbers on your phone with no physical SIM cards involved and no physical swapping over required by users.

How does it work? A small chip inside your smartphone will handle carrier detection and registration. The small chip should be small enough and essentially take over what was previously a SIM card slot.

Wondering what an eSIM looks like? Let's look at a eSIM package from UK carrier EE. Here, we get a traditional-looking SIM pack, but there's no SIM inside but some instructions to get started to get a phone number for your iPhone or Android device.

eSIM pack from UK carrier EE looks just like a regular SIM pack

2. Use home landline | How to get phone number on iPhone

Landline phones by seem like a thing of the past, but landlines are in fact still very widely used by companies for managing calls and with customers. Even though this isn't exactly a way for you to get a phone number on your iPhone or smartphone, it is a great way of getting number without buying a SIM card.

There is a great benefit of landline, which is in its call quality - it is nearly faultless. Unlike cellular voice calls that can be affected by coverage and interference, landlines make use of physical phone lines that transmit voice call information very reliably and at the best quality possible.

Until you decide to get a SIM card and a phone number plan for your iPhone or Android phone, you can consider using your home landline phone in the meantime.

Landline offers cheap calling and incredible call quality

3. Use Google Voice | How to get phone number on iPhone

Google Voice offers free virtual phone number. They work as a forwarding numbers, which can also be referred to as redirection phone numbers, or a forwarding phone address.

What do "forwarding phone numbers" mean? The image below which should give you a good idea how it works.

You can very easily get a Google Voice number and link it to any existing number you have. To do this, just download the Google Voice app and sign up for a free Google Voice account.

Then link at least one phone number to your Google Voice number by following these steps: 1. Tap Menu -> Settings. 2. Look under "Account," tap on Linked numbers. 3. Tap on New linked number. You can link a maximum of six numbers. Follow the instructions to link your number.

Remember to pick a number you want from the Google Voice console. Google Voice works in US only.

Download Phone Number Apps | How to get phone number on iPhone

If you don't quite like the limited numbers offered by Google Voice, or you are not presently location within the US, Phone numbers apps may be the solution for you.

Apps like Phoner - Second Phone Number and T-Mobile Digits help you to pick, and keep multiple phone numbers in one app.

Since the app uses the Internet, you do not need a phone line. Calls go through VOIP and messages are sent via Internet messaging infrastructure- all you need is just an active Internet connection such as using a WiFi network and you are all set.

Phone number apps are our favorite way to get a phone number on iPhone or Android device without getting a SIM card or getting a plan with a local carrier. Some of these apps offer even a free trial to help you get started without spending any upfront money. Phoner - Second Phone Number for example offers a free trial on its USA and UK Premium numbers.

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