Interested in picking up a new skill and wondering how to get paid to learn online? With the convenience of the internet, anyone can start a side hustle or even a full-time business nowadays. Want to start an online store? You can do so in just 5 steps. Looking for remote jobs? They’re literally everywhere.

But knowing how to get paid to learn online gets you the best of both worlds. You pick up a new skill or trade, make some money while getting paid to learn, and then earn even more with the new skill you’ve learnt.

Curious to find out how to get paid to learn online? Let’s get started with 5 quick tips.

How to get paid to learn online: 5 ways

Solution 1: Get paid to learn code online

Code is the future, and computer programmers, software developers and app builders are all highly sought after around the world. With so many free resources, coding schools and intensive bootcamps, it has never been easier to learn code.

Some options allow you to get paid to learn code online. Some companies, like coding bootcamp Modern Labor, pay students $2000 a month for five months while they learn to code. Others, like Institute of Code, pay students up to $1000 to build websites for small businesses.

Another way you can get paid to learn code online is to pick up coding projects from freelancer sites like Upworkand Toptal. You get paid while learning code online too. One drawback is unlike signing up for a coding bootcamp that pays you while you learn, finding your own assignments can be risky and you’ll lack a strong learning structure to point you in the right direction.

Solution #1: Get paid to learn a foreign language

Another popular way to get paid to learn online is to master a foreign language. You can do so by signing up to teach English as a second language online, or be a paid instructor with an online language exchange platform like Italki.

When you teach your native language online, you’ll also get exposed to other languages or have special access to language learning resources. Some companies also provide language learning stipends or sponsorships, especially if you are required to communicate with parents and students in the native language at times.

Solution #2: Get paid to learn a trade online

You can also get paid to learn all sorts of trades online. As companies begin to embrace digital transformation and new skills become ever more important, there are many options to pick up these skills and get paid to learn them online.

Creative jobs are growing in demand as the digital economy continues to grow, and many of the skills that these jobs require can easily be picked up online. These skills include digital marketing, software development, content production, cybersecurity, data analysis and much, much more.

We’ve already talked about coding in our earlier point. Looking for online apprenticeships – some are accredited and can even lead to full-time job offers after completion. But also take note of the terms and conditions - some apprenticeship programs, like Acadium, are completely unpaid.

Solution #3: Get paid to learn how to cook

Next on our list of tips for how to get paid to learn online is to do a cooking / food blog and host cooking shows or workshops online.  You get paid while learning since you can earn advertising revenue, course registration fees and affiliate fees while honing your culinary skills.

There are different ways to get paid to learn how to cook online. Some can be done completely online, like online cooking shows, cooking podcasts, livestream workshops and blogs. Others have an offline element, like social dining in home restaurants, or home chef services.

Need some help with your culinary skills first? Check out this list of online cooking classes here.

Solution #4: Get paid to learn how to tell great stories

We’ve talked about how to become a freelance writer without any experience in another article,  and telling great stories is likely the simplest way to get paid to learn online.

Everything on the internet needs a great story to stand out from the crowd. SEO optimisation requires the right keywords stringed together in persuasive copy. Online content requires great storytelling. Advertisements need great stories. Words still make up a huge part of the internet, and that’s why so many people are still getting paid to learn how to tell great stories.

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