If you used your actual phone number to receive a Skout verification code, you should change that immediately.

Just like most social dating apps today, Skout uses verification codes to keep users safe. But you’ll need a phone number to receive a Skout verification code, and that’s not ideal.

Curious to find out why a Skout verification code matters, how to get one without your phone number, and verification code issues you should be aware of?

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Skout verification codes.

Verify your Skout account with a second phone number

To use Skout, you need that verification code. At the same time, you’ll want to protect your online privacy.

To use Skout without your phone number, you’ll need to use another number that:

  • Isn’t yours
  • But still allows you to receive the Skout verification code.

Receive Skout verification code with a second phone number from Phoner

One solution for how to verify your Skout account without exposing your actual phone number is to use a second phone number.

To get a second phone number, you should get yourself a second phone number or fake phone number app that lets you receive the Skout verification code.

Ideally, you’d want this number to also be a burner number that you can dispose of anytime you want. This ensures that you can easily throw any potential stalkers and creepy encounters off your trail.

Phoner is one such fake phone number app.

When you use Phoner, you have an unlimited selection of phone numbers to choose from.

Phoner’s second phone numbers don’t require a new SIM card, and they can receive calls and texts anywhere in the world.

Because Phoner also doubles as a burner phone app, the numbers you get can be disposed of anytime you want. Keep them for as long as your online dating experience takes, and then choose to get rid of them if things take an odd turn … if you get bored of talking on the same line.

How does Skout verify my account?

Skout verifies you account by sending you a Skout verification code to a phone number you provide during the sign-up process.

When you first sign up with Skout, you can do so with:

  • Your Facebook Account
  • Your Google Account
  • Your Apple ID
  • Your mobile number
Skout allows you to sign up with Facebook, Google, Apple ID or your mobile number

You’ll also need to provide personal details such as your full name, birth date, gender and sexual preferences.

You need to verify your phone number regardless of which sign-up method you choose

Regardless of which sign-up method you chose, you will need to verify your phone number. If you don’t, you can’t complete the sign-up process and won’t be able to meet other members on Skout.

Why do I need a Skout verification code?

There are many reasons why Skout would want to issue verification codes to its users:

  • Skout wants to make sure that real people are meeting up for dates on their app, not bots or fake profiles
  • Skout verification codes provide a stronger identity check. Anyone can sign up on Skout with your personal details, but they won’t succeed since the verification code only goes to your phone number.
  • Skout verification codes are important in verifying phone numbers, so that users are contactable in cases of emergencies or if contact tracing is necessary.

By identifying users via verification codes, Skout keeps its community clean and offers better protection for users looking for online dates.

Without verification codes, Skout can't confirm if you actually are who you say you are

You need a Skout verification code because that’s the only way Skout knows that it’s you behind a digital profile, not someone else pretending to be you.

As mentioned earlier, anyone can sign up on Skout with your personal details. If all of your personal information is freely available on social media, anyone can simply scrape it off.

But they can’t assume your identity on Skout because they won’t be able to receive the Skout verification code … unless they know your phone number too.

Is verifying your Skout account with your actual phone number safe?

Dating apps can’t seem to shake off their fair share of controversy, and Skout has more than just cat-fishing and creepy dates to deal with.

Skout was implicated in the rapes of 3 young children in the UK back in 2012.

Back in 2012, Skout was directly implicated in 3 separate rapes of young children by adult men posing as teenagers. In 2017, police in the UK made a public service announcement warning that paedophiles are actively using Skout to target children in the country. Even now, Skout still struggles with allegations of abuse, harassment and false identity.

Skout still struggles with a host of abuse, harassment, and false identity issues

Skout verification codes can save you identity from being stolen, but exposing your actual phone number to a community of strangers leaves you wide open to a lot more risk.

Other issues with Skout verification code

In addition to staying safe by verifying another phone number, here are some other things on Skout verification codes you should know about:

Recall an episode of Skout verification code spam

Back in 2013, users on Skout noticed their inboxes were spammed with mails their accounts had  “sent” to their friends without consent.

Skout brushed the issue off as simply a case of shipping the wrong code from its internal testing environment, but commentators like TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm questions if the app intentionally did it to drive up user engagement.

While it may all be just an accidental glitch, it does leave you feeling concerned about how secure your Skout account really is.

Beware of the Skout verification code scam

As with all verification codes, you need to be extra suspicious if you receive an email or text message asking you for your Skout verification code.

The standard scam goes like this:

  • you get a text message saying that unusual activity has been detected on your account.
  • The message tells you to reply with your verification code
  • You send the code over, and hackers gain full access to your account.

Do not ever send your verification code to someone else. Apps that require you to sign in or sign up with a verification code almost never ask you to reply with one.

If you get a Skout verification code you didn’t request, do not reply to it. Report the incident to your mobile carrier. If you continue to receive unsolicited Skout verification codes, you may want to seek help from law enforcement.

Date online safely on Skout

Skout has been matching people way longer than more familiar apps like Tinder have. The app continues to be one of the largest online dating communities in the world.

Be careful not to expose sensitive personal information when dating with Skout

But it pays to be extra-cautious when you’re looking for love on Skout. The app appears to have a shakier record than most online dating apps today, and using a second phone number is ideal for protecting your phone number privacy.

That’s all about Skout verification code and how to stay safe dating onine with Skout. For more tips on safe online dating, check out The Meet Group (Skout’s parent company)  list of good practices. Date safely online with Skout today!