Making anonymous calls using "private" numbers brings numerous fun and benefits as it lets you hide your identification from being displayed. Do you know how to create anonymous VOIP Calls?

Are you willing to mark your call private by preventing your identification information? That is great; in this article, we will describe how to make an anonymous VOIP Call.

No worries if you don't know it already because we are going to explain some easy-peasy ways to keep your identity private.

Let's begin without any delay!

What Is VOIP - And How Does It Work?

VoIP is an acronym for "Voice Over Internet Protocol", and it is a common way to help to convert voice into digital signals. This technology is also known as IP telephony that allows you to call directly from a VOIP phone, computer, and other data-driven devices.

VoIP today is one of the most common ways of making anonymous calls, and once you set it up, the calling becomes a lot cheaper than using regular phone lines.

It means that, depending on your setup, the best joy of using this private or "unknown" number is there is nothing to worry about how much time you are spending on calls and texts.

You may feel VOIP is tough to use but trust us; it really isn't. Just be familiar with the process, and you'll be ready to make perfect anonymous calls and texts anywhere, anytime. Let's read how you can use the services for different operators.

3 Way To Make Anonymous VOIP Call

Method 1: With A Phone And A VOIP Adapter

You can dial anonymous VoIP Calls on a regular phone using an analog Telephone Adapter. An advantage of VoIP technology can be taken by installing adapters for their terminals.

Visual diagram of how to connect your phone to a VoIP Adapter

Traditional phones use RJ11 connectors, while contrary, VOIP needs the use of your local area network (LAN) through RJ45 connectors.

An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is a little device that you plug into your RJ11 Phone, and it will connect the Phone to your computer or LAN. That service costs around $40.

Method 2: Make A VoIP Call Using An IP Phone

Inspired by the traditional Phone, an IP Phone has a handset, a cradle, and buttons. But instead of having the conventional RJ11 connectors, an IP phone comes with an RJ45 connector, and it can be hooked-up into LAN directly.

Wi-Fi phones are a variation of IP phones that let you receive and make VOIP calls through a Wi-Fi hotspot. Obviously, all IP phones use digital signals.

The range of IP models is from $50 to $600.

However, this method involves difficult set up and specialized equipment, compared to VoIP phone number apps that are super easy and fuss free to set up.

Method 3: VoIP Phone Number Apps

VoIP Apps like Phoner is the best and reliable way of anonymous VOIP Call as it creates a private number similar to google voice numbers that lets you text and call anyone by hiding your identity.

Phoner App can be downloaded from free calling websites offers dozens of benefits, and a few, for you, are mentioned below.

  • Phoner is an anonymous calling app that lets you get a second number, so your number can remain secret.
  • You can also use Phoner App to call from an anonymous number for business purposes because sharing the personal number for a business deal is quite annoying.
  • You can avoid spam and telemarketing calls by getting a second phone number for signing up on websites and apps.
  • You can use this app to receive verification codes as your personal number may already be in-use for a particular service like WhatsApp or Snapchat.
  • The Phoner App is the perfect option to call from an anonymous number, and when it is no more in use, you can 'burn' it.

There are many more advantages of the Phoner App that you can entertain after its installation.

How To Make Anonymous or VOIP Calls Using Phoner

Phoner App, one of the reliable apps for anonymous VOIP Call, helps you obtain a second phone number that you can use offline and online to maintain personal privacy. The app also supports international calls; just dial country code, and enjoy your foreign talk with anyone.

To dial an international number:

  • Open the Phoner app
  • Go to the 'Phone' tab on the bottom toolbar
  • Enter the country code
  • To insert a country code, for instance, +1 for US numbers and +44 for UK numbers, tap and hold the 0 + button for two seconds on the Phoner App dial pad, then free; the + symbol pops up in the number box.It is time to tap on the green Dial button to make the phone call.

Our Takeaway

Anonymous calls bring a lot of benefits to daily and business life. Though there are numerous ways to get anonymous numbers, we have introduced a straightforward yet effective Phoner App.

From now, anonymous calls are neither a burden nor depressive. Therefore, you can comfortably make anonymous VOIP Calls by downloading the Phoner App to anyone anywhere.

I wish you good luck with your effortless journey to make anonymous calls!