Facebook doesn't want you figuring out how to send an anonymous message on Facebook Messenger.

Don’t bother figuring out how to send an anonymous message on Facebook Messenger.

In fact, stop racking your brains over how to stay anonymous on Facebook Messenger at all.

Here's why those solutions for sending anonymous Facebook messages don't work, and what alternatives you can consider.

How to send anonymous messages on Facebook Messenger.. or not

Can I Create a fake profile to send anonymous Facebook messages?

Many people are already doing this – so many in fact, that Facebook complained that it had removed nearly as many false accounts as real ones in just the first quarter of 2019.  

Facebook has been increasingly stricter towards fake profiles

Facebook also claims that most fake profiles are shut down mere minutes after they are created, and apparently 99.8% of fake profiles were flagged by Facebook itself.  

Don’t even think of jumping onto the fake account bandwagon. It’s a clear violation of Facebook’s rules, and a permanent strike with the ban hammer if you get caught.  

About the anonymous email-to-Facebook trick

Another solution that many sites frequently recommend is to:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. Look up the username of the person you want to message
  3. Copy his or her username
  4. Paste the username and add @facebook.com in the To box
  5. Hit Send

Using an anonymous email to message someone on Facebook may have worked in the past, but not anymore.

Unfortunately, the anonymous email-to-Facebook trick no longer works

At worse, it may also be possible that someone is trying to get you to message an email that redirects elsewhere.

We highly recommend avoiding this method for your personal data privacy.

What about third-party integrations that claim to let me send anonymous Facebook messages?

To date, there is no verified service, app or browser extension that can integrate with Facebook Messenger and let you send messages on the app anonymously.

Any site that claims otherwise should immediately be treated with caution. Avoid any site that offers you this service in exchange for personally identifiable information.

And if you think Profoundly.me proves us wrong, think again.

You're not really anonymous on Profoundly.me

While you can send "anonymous" messages with Profoundly.me, the app already knows who you are the whole time even if you choose to post questions anonymously. Anonymity here is more of a social gimmick than a data privacy feature.

Here are some alternatives for sending anonymous messages

The solutions for how to send an anonymous message on Facebook Messenger either don't work, or pose a risk to your data privacy.

If you need to send anonymous messages, try these methods instead.

Alternative 1: Use VoIP providers

Lots of messaging apps today boast end-to-end encryption and other privacy features.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram also come with the self-destructing message feature, which automatically deletes messages sent to a person or group after a set time interval.

Cybersecurity experts have uncovered privacy issues with both WhatsApp and Telegram 

Still, do note that VoIP providers are not completely anonymous.

Fresh revelations of WhatsApp spyware in light of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezo’s phone getting hacked have put WhatsApp in a really bad spot.

Other apps like Telegram also possess certain design flaws that leave your mobile identity completely out in the open.

Other VoIP providers allow voice verification, which means a phone number isn’t necessary to use these apps. Unfortunately, using voice verification with a Google Voice account leaves a clear digital trail to your online identity – not great if you’re looking for perfect anonymity.

Alternative 2: Send Anonymous messages with a burner phone number

A better way for sending anonymous messages is to use a burner phone number instead.

Burner phone numbers are truly anonymous because:

  • they are readily disposable and untraceable
  • unlike online messaging services or apps, they cannot be hacked
  • you are in control of your privacy, not others.

To do just that, simply get started with Phoner.

It’s the most intuitive solution. Fake phone numbers hide your true phone number without the need for you to get a second phone or brand new SIM card.

Even if one fake number is being traced, simply get another fake phone number on Phoner.

Getting a new phone number on Phoner takes you less than 5 minutes, and your new phone number starts working instantly without any need for setup.

This is perfect for small businesses, and helps deter persistent stalkers and spies.

Start sending anonymous messages today

Protecting your phone number and online privacy is important, and knowing how to send anonymous messages is a great first step in the right direction.

It's unfortunate that Facebook still wouldn't allow anonymous messages on Facebook Messenger, and we'll just have to make do with alternatives for now.

Besides, with Facebook's controversial take on user privacy, can we ever be sure that Facebook messages are truly ever private?

Facebook and privacy have never gone hand in hand. 

And that's our take on how to send an anonymous message on Facebook Messenger. Stay safe by sending messages anonymously today!