If you're figuring out how to watch Ready Player One on Netflix securely using a VPN, let us help you. VPN like VPN Vault by Appsverse can super-charge your streaming experience for such an impressive, Sci-Fi action and adventure film.

How to Watch Ready Player One on Netflix: What is Ready Player One?

Ready Player One is a Stephen Spielberg adaptation of a best-selling novel by Ernest Cline. The plot is breathtaking, and the action is non-stop. It might be someone else's brains at work here, but Spielberg's magic at its core.

The plot is forward-thinking in its technology. The OASIS (an acronym for Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation) is the virtual reality game of the day. Creator James Halliday offers ownership of the OASIS as the incentive of collecting an Easter egg locked behind a gate, which requires three unique keys to open.

Nolan Sorrento, the Innovative Online Industries (IOI for short) CEO, leads the pack of corporate egg hunters. The 'sixers' (employees and prisoners playing to find the keys for IOI) play against indie players like Parzival, Art3mis (Parzival's crush), Aech, Daito, and Sho.

In the end, Parzival leads an army of players against IOI, who have resulted in playing dirty to obtain the eggs. Smelling defeat, Sorrento activates a magic-based weapon, the Catalyst, wiping out every avatar from the game. Only Parzival gets an extended lease on life with an extra life coin he got from the Curator.

How to Watch Ready Player One on Netflix: Benefits of VPN for Netflix

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The best version of Netflix remains exclusive depending on where you're surfing from. A VPN is the only tool available to allow you to watch your favourite shows without bandwidth limitations. This will give you a dreamlike binge-watching experience.

A VPN is the only way to enjoy secure internet connection. It allows you to privately stream content. One can stream thousands of titles on Netflix securely and at top speeds.

With a VPN, you have access to hundreds of server locations. The VPN will route all your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel, to prevent bandwidth limitations.

The encrypted connection between your device and the internet masks your IP address in the process, with one that is shared with other users. That means it is impossible for anyone to trace your digital footprint, even on handheld devices.

Best of all, you won’t be sacrificing your security or privacy. The best VPN for Netflix should have AES-256 military-grade encryption to stream and download in safety – even for public Wi-Fi.

Plus, get the fastest speeds for Netflix streaming on a VPN which monitors latency and download speeds.

How to Watch Ready Player One on Netflix: Top VPN Alternatives for Netflix

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NordVPN offers a secure, throttle-free solution to enjoy the best of Netflix anywhere, anytime. It provides one of the best server infrastructures distributed between more than 59 countries around the world - perfect for seamless internet experience.

Surfshark helps your stream at blazing fast speed under the complete anonymity and safety of an encrypted channel. It offers access to servers in more than 65 countries for Netflix streaming.

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VPN Vault by Appsverse has everything a VPN should have (and more). That includes the largest server infrastructure in more than 70 countries (better than NordVPN and Surfshark) and AES-256 bit military-grade security.

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Get set up and working with VPN Vault for Netflix on your iOS or Android device. Just download and install the app; you won't need to waste valuable Netflix time configuring the app. Even better, connect with faster upload and download speeds - better than VPN CyberGhost.

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How to Watch Ready Player One on Netflix: Which VPN app do I choose?

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