Calling over WhatsApp is one of the common habits that everyone has these days.

Thanks to the free social media apps, we are more into exchanging messages, calls, and media files. WhatsApp has been revolutionary in our lives when it came to data sharing, messages, and then calling.

Although, initially, it was just a messaging app- But WhatsApp came up with the ideas of calls, video calls, data sharing, status, and more. Therefore, now record WhatsApp calls iPhone is another emerging query in line.

Why do people prefer WhatsApp Calls?

People prefer to make calls on WhatsApp because it is free, accessible, and one better quality. They do not have to pay for the calls additionally, just like the network.

Using the internet, they are able to make free nonstop calls without interruption. That is why they want to record WhatsApp video call on iPhone to keep track of their conversation.

Why do you need to record WhatsApp calls?

If you wonder why people search about how to record WhatsApp calls secretly, then you need to know the main reasons.

Reason 1: Keeping a record

Whenever you want to keep the record of conservation for any sake, it is ideal for recording WhatsApp calls on iPhone.

It gives you the potential to cross-match the claim or information on a larger note. Having a regular call-recording backup enables you to keep these regular records easily.

Reason 2: Securing information

Most of the journalists and phone bankers have issues with the loss of information. Keeping the notes on one phone call is not possible.

Recordings can help them to review the conversation and match the missing stats on the call. It can help to have the best of information collection.

For many of the investigation purposes, one needs to record the phone call. In this case, calling on someone’s number deliberately is not possible.

Therefore, you end up with a need to record WhatsApp call iPhone at the end. The deliberate calls never get you the right responses in general, so you need to be equipped with the right tools.

Know: Is it possible to record WhatsApp calls iPhone?

Let us state it for the record- Recording is not a native feature within WhatsApp.

Therefore any built-in way to record WhatsApp calls iPhone are not possible in the first place.

HOWEVER, there are various workarounds and other methods that you cans still record WhatsApp calls on iPhone, or record regular phone calls.

Let's look at some of the methods.

Method 1: Recording WhatsApp Calls Using QuickTime

For this to work, you will need to have a primary phone, iPhone, and iMac.

Also, there is a second unique requirement –  Your phone should support group calls and have another WhatsApp number in there from (which you want to make a call).

Once you have the two above requirements, Now, follow these steps to do the real trick:


  1. Use the lightning cable to connect Mac and iPhone.
  2. Check the option of "Trust this Computer" from the iPhone.
  3. Open QuickTime on your Mac
  4. Create a new audio recording file in QuickTime
  5. Select the iPhone as a recording device by clicking the arrow pointing downwards next to the recording button
  6. Start recording by pressing the record button.


Completed Part One? See Part Two for steps you should take IMMEDIATELY after Part One.

  1. Now make a call from the iPhone to your other primary phone.
  2. Once it is connected, connect and add another person to the call from your primary phone.
  3. Now, your call will be in recording automatically.
  4. Once you are done, simply disconnect the call from your primary phone or iPhone and stop recording in QuickTime.
  5. Now save the file in a designated folder.

It not only sounds hectic but actually requires you to have a complete setup to have WhatsApp voice recording on iOS. Without having a Mac or iPhone, you cannot record WhatsApp calls iPhone.

Method 2: Recording Regular Calls using ReCall App

Here's an easier way than Method #1. It involves calling outside of WhatsApp.

It evens works with either regular phone calls or VoIP phone calls.

When recording a call is important for you, then why now check out the easier way to do it?

ReCall app lets you record phone calls on iPhone easily. There is no need to attach multiple phones and Mac to the call and use the longer alternatives to record your regular calls.

The app is designed to help you in recording calls in real-time on your iPhone. Although it does not work for the record WhatsApp call on iPhone without jailbreak yet, it gives you on-phone call backup for sure. Check out the directions to use the app:

  1. Download ReCall app on your phone
  2. Make sure your phone supports a 3-way calling system that will enable the app to work smart.
  3. Open the app, and tap the big red button to get started with the setup.
  4. Now you need to enter your country code or select the country and personal phone number.
  5. You will receive a verification code on your number, enter the code in the space bar and verify a number.
  6. Now you need to pick up the recording line. You can select either the state or a specific number to record calls from one number only.
  7. Your account setup is done, and you can start calling with backup records.

Remember, you can always make changes by going into Menu > Settings > My Number. Later you can edit your number, state, and add other numbers in line for recording as per convenience.

Get ReCall app now!

The recall is one of the safest alternatives that you can access to record calls. Although it cannot record, WhatsApp calls iPhone but support your phone calls.

All the WhatsApp calls are end to end encrypted, and there is no hidden WhatsApp call recorder out there to help you keep track of these calls. Any claims made by the apps are fake and baseless. Secure yourself from being fooled around and download the app today.