Ever wondered: is tracing a burner phone possible?

You’ve seen in spy thrillers and crime dramas. You might have even used them discreetly before.

Temporary and disposable, you might think that burner phones can’t be traced.

In truth, it’s actually possible.

Highly possible, in fact.

Because what makes a burner phone traceable, is how you buy and use it.

Don’t think so? This read might change your mind.

Why tracing a burner phone is actually possible

By definition, burner phones are designed to be anonymous.

Burner phones can also come with burner numbers – virtual, or fake, phone numbers that can’t be traced back to their users.

But while burner phones are anonymous on their own, how you choose to buy or use them may not be so anonymous after all.

Here’s how tracing a burner phone is completely possible:

Situation 1: You used your burner phone for too long

Used a burner phone for a while already? You might want to switch to another one soon.

Burner phones are anonymous because they’re meant to be disposed of after just a few calls or texts.

If you’re planning to use a burner phone as a permanent second number, know that your privacy won’t be protected.

Because just like regular cell phones, burner phones also operate on cellular networks.

When you use a burner phone again and again, it becomes easier to pinpoint your location every time you switch your burner phone on.

Situation 2: You surfed the web on your burner phone

Refrain from accessing online apps and services on a burner phone.

Not all burner phones are built the same.

We often think of burner phones as cheap analogue phones that’re only good for playing snake on.

But some burner phones are also cheaper, toned-down versions of everyday smartphones.

These let you use internet-based apps and services and more.

And that’s the problem.

Using your burner phone for any online activity makes it completely traceable. Your internet service provider already knows what you’re doing every time you log on.

Situation 3: You bought your burner phone on a contract.

Never, ever buy a burner phone on a contract.

If you’re handed a contract when buying a burner phone, drop the deal and walk away.

Signing a contract means having to disclose important personal information that can instantly link the burner phone to your identity

You’ve already lost your privacy protection even before switching your burner phone on.

Forget burner phones – try burner apps instead

You might have already realised how easy it actually is to lose your privacy protection with a burner phone.

With a burner app instead, your odds are a lot better.

Don't take our word for it - hear it from fellow users like you. 

That’s because:

  • Unlike burner phones, most burner apps don’t store or share your information. You’ll never have to sign any contract to get one.
  • Everything that happens on burner apps, stays on burner apps.

With a burner app on your cell phone, you also won’t need to get a separate phone just to protect your personal privacy.

Feel free to surf the web or chat friends up on social media like always, while keeping calls and texts private with a burner app.

Stay untraceable with Phoner

At the end of the day, a burner phone is only untraceable if it’s bought and used right.

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