How to ring multiple phones with one number?

As the name suggests, the process will enable multiple phone devices that is linked to that phone number to ring when an incoming call is received. In the past, the closest to such a technology would be the PBX phone system which could be replicated in the home setting or even the company setting via a landline.

Today, with smartphones, this process can be done by registering different mobile phone devices to the same phone number.

Who will be interested in ringing multiple phones with one number?

Small businesses

One immediate group of people who may need to ring multiple phones with one number are the partners of small businesses. Instead of demanding clients to call several separate phone numbers belonging to your various business colleagues, why not just share a single phone number?

Clients would only need to remember and call one phone number to reach your business. Depending on who is available, anyone of your colleague could pick up the phone call. A more convenient option with less hassle for you and your clients.

Family members

Even if you are not in the business field, amongst your family members, you can ring multiple phones with one number. Regardless of who is calling, your family members can pick up the call if they are available.

It reduces the number of missed calls. For instance, you can pick up a call meant for your mum to confirm the delivery of your new sofa, or your dad could help you book the plane through that common number.

Dating couple

How about the newly dating couple? That restaurant reservation for 2 that was booked last week needs urgent confirmation and you are busy at work. Your date could confirm it for you. Or that flight booking to Paris that needs a change.

You can do for your partner if he or she is busy. Don’t just go Dutch on the meals, why not share out each other responsibilities too? Simply ring multiple phones with one number.

Even dating couples can have this feature of multiple phones ringing with one number

Benefits in ringing multiple phones with one number

Benefit 1: Increase call pick-up rate

The benefits of allowing multiple phone numbers to ring with just one single call is the ability to increase call pick-up rate.

Especially if you are in the busy world of finance or the legal sector, where each call is paramount, you cannot afford to miss a single call. Being able to distribute the responsibility of picking up calls will help you solve this problem.

Benefit 2: Increase Convenience

And it is also about convenience. The annoyance of having to miss a call, second guess the number that called you a while ago and having to redial and call them back can be frustrating.

Instead, ring multiple phones with one number to allow others to pick the call up for you in case you are busy. It’s certainly better than being in cat-and-mouse game of trying to reach the caller after the missed call.

Apps that let you ring multiple phones with one number

Fortunately, there are many apps in the market that helps you to ring multiple phones with one number.

One such app that offers users the ability to connect multiple mobile devices to a single number is Phoner.

Phoner offers free trial no matter how many devices you are using. If you are looking this convenience, why not consider this app that lets you ring multiple phones with one number?