Not sure if you should buy a burner phone on Amazon?

With an impressive selection of burner phones to choose from at great prices, Amazon’s burner phones are some of the most affordable (and reliable) you’ll find.

Amazon has a wide range of burner phones at great prices.

While it’s true that Amazon has a great range of burner phones you can get at great rates, you might want to think twice before getting a burner phone from them.

Here’s why getting a burner phone on Amazon won’t work.

Why burner phones on Amazon aren’t really burner phones

Reason 1: Online transactions on Amazon are clearly traceable.

Just like how Boost Mobile requires your personal credentials, Amazon also asks the same of you.

You'll need to sign in before making a purchase on Amazon.

Personal information that Amazon requires before you complete a transaction include:

  • Your full name
  • Street address
  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Email address

By purchasing a burner phone from Amazon, disclosing your personal information makes it possible to trace the purchase back to you.

So much for burner phone privacy.

Reason 2: Amazon tracks you to personalise your ads and product recommendations

Creepy, stalkerish ads aren’t anything out of the ordinary these days, but it’s still as uncomfortable as it gets.

(image credit: Pointillist) Just like other big tech companies, Amazon uses your data to personalise ads.

When you buy a burner phone on Amazon, the personal information you provide will be used to recommend and sell you products and services via personalised online ads.

Additionally, Amazon also states in its privacy policy that information you provide will also be used to provide you with recommendations and personalisations.

Reason 3: Amazon actively shares your information with third parties.

(image credit: Productivity Hub) More people take a peek at what data Amazon collects from you than you think.

Additionally, Amazon also shares your information with:

  • Third-party advertisers
  • Third-party service providers
  • Third-party businesses

All of whom are not subjected to Amazon’s own privacy policy.

Information shared with these third parties may include your credit and payment details, as well as other critical personal information. How much is shared isn’t exactly disclosed.

Plus, Amazon also reserves the right to monitor and disclose your personal information to take action if they feel that their rights or properties are being threatened.

Move long Amazon burner phones – use Phoner instead

If you’re looking for effective phone number privacy, you’re not going to find it with a burner phone from Amazon.

For a highly affordable and truly private burner number experience, Phoner has you covered.

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With Phoner, use as many burner numbers as you like without extra SIM cards or a new burner phone.

So move over burner phones on Amazon. If privacy is what you seek, give yourself the best in mobile privacy protection with Phoner on iOS and Android now.