When you text a stranger they would know your number as it appears on their phone and you wouldn't want your number getting leaked online or them trying to find out details about you. We all have been in situations where we really do not want the person you are texting to identify you. Using an anonymous message app might be the solution to your problems.

What are anonymous message apps?

Before you can start sending anonymous text messages, let's learn what are anonymous message apps about. Anonymous message apps are built by brilliant developers to enable you to maintain your privacy by issuing you a new number or a coded encrypted software. Using an anonymous message app, the recipient on the other end would not know who you are (unless you tell them).

Why use anonymous message apps?

I myself have been caught in similar situations where I did not want to reveal my identity and it is okay to do so (but only do it for the right reasons and cyber bullying is not cool). Listed below are some situations and how an anonymous message apps can be used.

Situation 1: Warning someone

You overheard a conversation about some of the boys in your high school planning a nasty prank on one of your schoolmates. You would like to warn Tod from science class via text message but yet you don't want to be known as a snitch, and we all know what happens to snitches. But how do you do that without revealing your real number? Simple, use an anonymous message app.

Situation 2: Blocked number

Your good friend called you to borrow money for something important and promised to return it at the end of the month. Since you guys grew up together you loan him the money. Months have passed, you tried calling and texting him but he blocked your number. Using a new anonymous number to reach out to him is an option, but isn't it a hassle to run down to the store just to get a new SIM card?

Situation 3: Craigslist

You've decided to lead a minimalist lifestyle and want to make a few bucks in the process of getting rid of your old stuff. You do not feel safe giving out your personal number to a random stranger. I mean, what if he/she leaks your number online or worst yet, stalks you! Here, having an anonymous number might come in handy.

Other uses for anonymous message app

Anonymous messaging is beneficial and might save you or others in a bad situation. You can use it to send positive messages to people when you want to keep anonymous, or even use it to communicate with friends and acquaintances.

Which is the best anonymous message app?

Despite having tons of anonymous message apps available in the market. Feel free to view the variety of apps available in the market and choose the one that best suit your needs.

But if your want an app that puts your privacy and security first, you have to check out Phoner! It gives you a temporary number on your existing device without the trouble of getting a new SIM card. Text or call anyone, locally or internationally, from over 35 countries to choose from. Create and delete as many numbers as you like and the best part, it is FREE to start using!

How to send an anonymous text message

Using Phoner is simple!

  1. Go to your app store (available on both iOS and Android), install and open the Phoner app.
  2. Sign Up by inputting a username and password or not, the choice is up to you.
  3. Choose either a random generated phone number or a premium phone number.
  4. Start sending anonymous text messages from your new number!

Start using your new free anonymous text message app!

Having an anonymous message app might aid when you don't want messages being traced back to you. Before you go on playing harmless pranks on your friends or send a private text to your crush telling her what beautiful eyes she has, always be sure that you have no malicious intent to send harmful or threatening messages. Download Phoner for iOS, the free app for anonymous text messages! For Android users, see it here: https://phoner.sng.link/Dajeb/vtu1