The best burner number app.

That’s what every burner app calls itself.

Best burner app for iPhone. Best burner app for android. Best burner text app.

Yet so many of these “best burner apps” fall far short of your expectations.

With so many options to pick from, it’s hard trying to find the best burner number app out there.

Truth is, you’ll find the best burner number app right here with Phoner.

Not convinced it’s the best burner app? Here’s why.

Why Phoner is the best burner number app you’ll find

Whether you’re looking out for the best burner number app on Android or iPhone, there’re some things you should look out for:

  • How much will it cost you?
  • How many numbers can you get?
  • Where can I use these numbers?

Depending on your needs, you may also have other considerations for choosing a burner number app.

Reason 1: Pay as you go with Phoner

Lots of burner number apps today want you to buy a subscription right off the bat.

Hushed does it. Burner does it. It’s common practice for many burner number apps.

With Phoner, only pay for the calls and texts you'll ever need.

Yet, sometimes all you need is just one anonymous call or text. Maybe you’re just planning to go under the radar for a couple of days, or even every now and then.

With Phoner however, you only need credits to make calls and texts. Buy credits and make calls and texts only when you have to.

On Phoner, your credits also don’t expire until your burner number does. Every dollar gives you more messaging and talk time.

Reason 2: Phoner gives you access to unlimited numbers

Some burner number apps pride themselves on giving you one fully optimised burner number.

Get access to unlimited burner numbers with Phoner.

Thing is, a burner number used repeatedly for a long time doesn’t really work like a burner number anymore.

That’s why Phoner promises you unlimited burner numbers instead. Burner numbers come from more than 40 countries and counting, and you can use any of them anywhere in the world.

Reason 3: Phoner saves you expensive international calling fees across more countries

Forget about expensive international calling fees in more countries when you use Phoner.

And because Phoner’s burner numbers can be used anywhere in the world, you can skip expensive international call fees and connect with your loved ones anytime, anywhere without breaking the bank.

This is a step ahead of other burner number apps like Burner, which only provides burner numbers that work within US and Canada, and Cover Me, which provides burner numbers from only 5 countries.

The BIGGEST Reason: Phoner’s always for you

Phoner never leaves a customer problem hanging.

Many burner number apps just do what they’re designed for.

After you get a burner number, that’s all there is to it.

It’s common to see customers vent their frustrations when they can’t get timely help.  If something goes wrong, you might find yourself alone in a tight spot.

That’s why Phoner has always emphasised customer service. With a dedicated team always looking after your concerns, you’ll never have any issues go unanswered.

The best burner number app is Phoner

With a flexible payment system for as calling and texting anywhere on as many burner numbers as you want, Phoner promises you an unbeatable burner number app experience.

While Phoner doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some apps might have, you can still enjoy reliable calls and texts with full phone number privacy protection.

Because when it comes to privacy, Phoner is the best burner number app out there.

Get the best phone number privacy protection with Phoner for Android today. On an iPhone? We’ve got you covered too.