If you’re planning to get 2019’s best burner phone, you may want to think twice first.

That’s because while they’re undeniably the best burner phones you can find, they’re not the cheapest or the most efficient solution for privacy.

Move over burner phones. Most of the time, the cheapest and most effective privacy solution you need is a free burner number app you can easily get off the Apple or Google Play Store.

Still unsure why the best burner phone in 2019 isn’t good enough? Read on to find out.

Here are the best burner phones in 2019

The best burner phone in 2019 is actually not one, but two phones – the Nokia 3310 and the Moto E5 Play.

(Image credit: The Verge) The once-popular Nokia 3310 made a comeback in 2017

The Nokia 3310 is your plain vanilla Nokia analog phone that lets you play Snake on it.

(image credit: Notebook Check) The Moto E5 Play has won price for its price and functionality

The Moto E5 Play, on the other hand, is a burner smartphone.

Both phones are super affordable – the Nokia 3310 starts at $64.99 on Amazon , while the Moto E5 Play is going for $80

While the Nokia 3310 doesn’t have as many fancy features as the Moto E5 Play, owning the most iconic phone of last decade is quite a statement in itself.

This doesn’t mean the Nokia 3310 is a “dumb” phone though. Equipped with a 3G network connection, you can still access (basic) versions of everyday apps like Facebook on the in-built Opera browser.

And here’s why they’re not good enough.

It’s undeniable that both burner phones have their merits. But they’re not your top choice when it comes to phone number privacy.

Reason 1: Burner phones are not your cheapest option

Burner phones are not the cheapest privacy solution around

Does spending between 60 to 80 dollars on a burner phone, only to throw them away after a few uses sound like a good deal to you?

The thing with burner phones is that while they’re cheap compared to regular smartphones, they’re crazy expensive when you put them up against burner number apps.

With $65, you could get a Nokia 3310. Or, you could download our Phoner burner number app and multiple burner numbers with ample call credits on all of them.

Reason 2: Burner phones only let you use one to two burner numbers tops.

(Image credit: Digital Camera World) Burner phones only let you use one to two burner numbers

For a burner number to truly be a burner number, you’d want to only use them once or twice before throwing it away.

With a burner phone, that means having to either trash the phone completely after a few uses, or switch out SIM cards frequently.

On a burner number app however, you won’t have to trouble yourself with any of that.

Phoner, for example, gives you unlimited burner numbers you can use simultaneously. You also won’t need a new SIM card each time you get a new burner number on Phoner.

Reason 3: You’re likelier to lose your privacy protection with a burner phone than a burner number app

(Image credit: Engadget) It's actually easier to lose your privacy with burner phones than burner apps 

Just because you’re using a burner phone doesn’t automatically guarantee 100% phone privacy protection.

It also depends on how you got your burner phone too.

If you buy your burner phone on a contract, it’s not really a burner phone anymore.

Throwing a burner phone away leaves a physical trail.

And having your ID verified or registered when buying the burner phone completely exposes your privacy anyway.

With a burner number app, none of that’s going to happen.

Get better privacy protection than the best burner phone today

Ultimately, you can easily protect your phone number privacy with a free-to-download burner number app like our own Phoner.

There are, of course, situations where a burner phone might make sense. But if all you want is reliable, top notch privacy protection, a burner number app is all you need.

Get affordable and reliable privacy with Phoner today

So, get the best burner phone in 2019 or a simple phone app? Depends on your needs. If privacy is what you need, get Phoner on Android today. On an iPhone? Phoner works just as well on iOS too.