Even on Reddit, everyone has their own opinions on the best burner phone.

If Redditors had their way, our list of best burner phones would look something like this:

(image credit: Reddit)
(image credit: Reddit)

Figuring out which exactly is the best burner phone according to reddit is rather fuzzy, but cheap ways to stay under the radar are definitely aplenty.

We take a look at some of these suggestions and – boy, are they really missing out.

Here’s Reddit’s take on the best burner phone

According to Redditors, the best burner phone is:

1.     A Moto E4 on any domestic carrier

2.     Cheap android phones from AliExpress, on a FreedomPop plan

3.     Any burner phone on a Tracfone mobile plan

There are certainly more combinations of prepaid mobile plans and cheap burner phones for us to take a look at. For more suggestions from Redditors, check out this thread.

A Moto E4 isn’t worth it

(Image credit: Android Authority) The Moto E4 makes for a pricey burner phone

Don’t get us wrong - the Moto E4 comes with great specs. But at a $94.95 price tag on Amazon or Best Buy, you might want to think twice.

The thing about burner phone is that they should only be used once or twice.

If you’re planning to get a good second cell phone, investing in a Moto E4 makes sense. As a cheap, disposable burner phone though, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Cheap AliExpress phones =/= burner phones

(image credit: AliExpress) Burner phones bought online don't work as burner phones. Period.

We’ve talked about how burner phones only protect your privacy if you buy and use them correctly, and cannot stress that enough.

When buying a burner phone, you should only buy it upfront with cash. Contracts, internet transactions and the like may be traced back to you.

Buying a cheap android phone off AliExpress might save you some money, but it won’t do your privacy any favours.

You can do better than a Tracfone mobile plan

(image credit: Tracfone) Tracfone may be cheap, but you won't get a lot out of what you pay for.

Tracfone is well-known for its low-cost, no-contract cell phone plans. Privacy-wise, this would be a (slightly) better option.

But there are some glaring issues.

Tracfone works like a charm in cities where mobile coverage is great, but out in the country the connection gets a lot fuzzier.

And while their plans are the cheapest, the data and call minutes are much lesser than competitor plans.

Tracfone’s cheapest plan, which starts at $8.99, gives you just 30 minutes of talk, text and web minutes. That’s pretty stingy.

Turn your phone into burner phone fast and easy with Phoner

Looking for the best burner phone on reddit might give you some ideas,

But with most suggestions based on anecdotal experience, you might want to take to them with a pinch of salt.

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Redditors may have lots of opinions on what the best burner phone is. That's probably because they haven't tried Phoner yet.