What is a temporary mobile phone number

As the name suggests, a temporary mobile phone number is simply a phone number that is used for a short period of time.

While it has the same function as your ordinary phone number, a temporary mobile phone number is mainly used for authentication and other one-time purposes with the intent to dispose of the number subsequently.

Why should I use a temporary mobile phone number?

No doubt it may be convenient to simply continue using your existing phone number for all sort of purposes, from calling your friends, to verifying your bank password and to sign on to the new gym deal. But using a temporary mobile phone number can provide you a host of other convenience as well.

Reason 1: Separate one-off service provider conversation

The most obvious benefit would be to avoid shallow, one-off conversation from piling up in your real phone number. We often engage in these one-off conversations more often that we might think. Consider the chat you had with the free-lancer whom you sought a service from.

While you may have long ended the call, they might not intend to. With your contact number, they could always phone you up to try and sell you other products and services.

Engage a temporary mobile phone number to relieve yourself from these endless hassles. Make sure that when you end these one-off calls, you really end them.

Reason 2: Separate OTP messages

The One-Time-Password verification process is another reason why many are using a temporary mobile phone number. From your online banking account to your course registration online, many websites these days are using OTPs to validate your identity.

Delegating a temporary mobile phone number to receive your OTPs in these scenarios will be highly beneficial as it separates these OTPs SMS from your real phone number.

Say goodbye to those annoying OTPs messages that were plaguing your mobile phone.

Reason 3: Separate unwanted online dating messages

And this may surprise you, but temporary mobile phone number could be valuable in online dating. You may not like the idea of giving your temporary mobile phone number to a would-be partner.

But that’s assuming that your online dating partner is genuine.

Scammers are known to lurk about online dating sites to extract phone numbers and subsequently your other personal details. Even if the person behind the screen is not a scammer, are they necessarily mature enough? What if they resort to spam calling your real number after you initiate a breakup with them?

For an ease of mind, why not a temporary mobile phone number for your online dates?

Use your temporary mobile phone number when online dating

How do I get a temporary mobile phone number

Fortunately, there are several apps available that offer these temporary mobile phone numbers. Apps such as Phoner are able to offer you a variety of phone numbers to choose from and the best part is that it comes with a free trial. If you are looking for a temporary phone number that can give you reliability and convenience, why not consider Phoner today?