You've hear about Virtual Private Networks or VPNs but you are unsure whether to trust it. Can a good VPN help make your browsing more seamless and provide more content freedom for you? It's a legit question, primarily if you haven't used any VPN service before.

There's more to VPNs than just improving browsing experience. If you want to take a peek behind the curtain and get a better understanding of how things work, keep on reading.

How a VPN Connection Works

A VPN reroutes your traffic while encrypting your internet traffic in real time. That way the information you download and upload is kept private. This means third parties like your Internet Service Provide or ISP or any other external trackers.

Why Should you use a VPN for Content Freedom?

The list of benefits of using VPN for content freedom is an extensive one. However, here are the most relevant of them.

• You get a seamless browsing experience. ISPs may sometimes throttle your internet, causing buffers or slow speeds. There could be a myriad of reasons for this including

• Your private information remains private. No one can track you or access which websites you visit, how long you stay on those websites, which content you consume, etc. In addition, your online footprint is kept private as you will be using someone else's IP address that cannot be associated with yours.

• You can also avoid data caps because your internet provider can't really measure how much internet data you use.

Can Hola Free VPN Access Any Website? Top VPN Alternatives

1. VPN Vault

VPN Vault by Appsverse is one of the best-rated VPNs in the world and has been for quite some time. They have servers in more than 75 countries and offer super-fast download and upload internet speeds. They are also known for their excellent apps for iOS and Android.

2. Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA offers VPN access to the entire internet via its servers spread in more than 78 countries. All of their new clients can enjoy a 30-day free trial period. They don't store any data from their users, and they have an easy and fast setup process. Their software is 100% open source, features built-in ad blockers, and 24/7 customer support via chat or email. What distinguishes them from their competitors is that their settings are highly customizable.

3. Hola VPN

Unlike the other VPN services, Hola is based on peer-to-peer technology. Thanks to this approach, users get to enjoy secure and high-speed access to every public website in the world. To that end, they offer Desktop (Windows + macOS), mobile apps, and TV apps. In addition to all that, Hols is free to use for everyone. In return, they only ask for a fraction of your resources when you are not using your device. If you don't like to share any of your resources, you can opt to subscribe to a premium tier despite how insignificant that is.

Can Hola Free VPN Access Any Website? Which VPN app do I choose?

Yes, Hola can get free VPN access to any website. However, but Hola is not the best VPN proxy tool. VPN Vault by Appsverse is the best option. VPN Vault offers superior internet speeds (better than those of VPN Cyberghost), offers access to more than 75 countries (more than NordVPN and Surfshark), and gets you covered with top-of-the-notch AES-256 military-grade encryption.