The question you've been pondering will finally be answered by reading this article, so what is a burner phone used for....?  

Let's face it, standard cell phones come with long contracts and you get billed on your actual usage. However, it is the opposite for burner phone. Buyers usually get prepaid phones with credit already loaded on which they can dispose it whenever they want without worrying about violating any contracts.

What is a "burner phone" used for exactly and how does it work?

So by now you're probably thinking to yourself that this sounds a lot like a prepaid phone.  Yes, you're quite right about that.

Prepaid phones are typically for folks who may want to keep a phone number for a long time, just without being bound to long term contracts or perhaps poor or due to limited credit issues.  

On the other hand, a burner phone is a cheap mobile phone designed for only temporary use, and mostly for reasons such as privacy and secrecy.

Difference between prepaid and burner phones

Even though prepaid phones are usually also called burners, it's more likely that the user of prepaid handsets has the intention of keeping the phone for the longer term and may top up minutes or texts after completely using them.

With burner phones, the person using might have just a specific purpose for using them before discarding or destroying it (for whatever reason).

Therefore, for those with utmost privacy concerns or sheer spirit of independence, burner phones are the way to go.

Why exactly do people use burner phones?

In TV shows and movies, burner phones are usually used by the mafia, drug dealers, and people who are on the wrong side of the law.

However, today's rapidly evolving world of online migration and social media presence at every turn, there is also the big worry about being constantly tracked and monitored, or have their conversations tapped into and messages un-wantedly monitored.

Read on to find out why burner phones are being used for personal privacy.

Reason 1: Carriers and telcos are monitoring you

Today, it is not a shock that how telecommunication companies have become so powerful in collecting and sharing data.

Every single one of your call and message that goes through your carrier registered number is being monitored and tracked.

Now, even if the carrier claims or pledges to preserve consumer data in good faith, it still doesn't rule out the prospect of data breach by external forces like hackers and internet bandits.  It's easy to understand now what is a burner phone used for.

Reason 2: Business and highly sensitive deals

Burner phones are also growing in popularity for business needs. Due to its flexibility, small businesses or large companies dealing with extremely sensitive and valuable information may choose to use burner phones for business dealings.

Instead of using expensive mobile security software, burner phones are very cost-effective. Corporations don't have engage security companies to install software on every employee's phones.

Also, they do not need to worry about field employees losing them - even if lost, the burner phone does not store or keep any data or call recordings on it.

Reason 3: Other personal privacy needs

Burner phones offer flexibility and complete independence. Simply purchase it, use it for what you require, and then get rid of it as you please.

Everyday folks can use burner phones to create multiple numbers for online shopping activities or dating needs.

Therefore, if you encounter any stalker issues, then you simply discard the burner phone without having to do ineffective number blocking or going through the hassle of having to change your phone number and updating contact lists.

Keeping your personal phone number safe

There's much more to discover about what is a burner phone used for. Whether offline or online, for registration or enrollment of something, you typically need to provide a phone number.  

And of course, since entities share information, you might be inviting more spam or junk text messages into your life.  Luckily, a burner phone solves those problems whenever you sign up for a service.

Get virtual or disposable numbers with burner phones. If you travel abroad, a burner phone is great for emergency use. Also you can avoid high roaming charges by utilizing an inexpensive burner phone loaded with a SIM card carrier-compatible with your destination.  

You can then use the burner for calling businesses and taxi services without incurring huge expense.  Now you can understand what is a burner phone used for when it comes to travel overseas.

Cell phones are expensive and store valuable personal data, if you're going on an outdoor adventure, skiing, mountain climbing or boating, maybe even visiting a dangerous place, why not consider purchasing a burner phone instead of risking it.

This is highly applicable for the times we live in today, if you plan on attending a peaceful protest of any kind, one can never know how things may escalate.  

Protesters have lost phones or had them confiscated when trying to record events either by the police or other civilians. Happily surrender your burner phone in case of any trouble. So now you know the answer to what is a burner phone used for.

SEE - Cheap alternatives to burner phones?

If you are thinking of getting a burner phone, you may find that they are not exactly cheap and easy to get.

A very convenient and cost effective alternative would be Text Vault- a burner number app.

It allows you to get new phone numbers for texting, and burn the numbers anytime when you are done, just like on a burner phone!

Text Vault - Our favorite burner phone app

When you text someone using Text Vault, the burner number from the app will show up on the person's phone instead of your real number.  

Therefore, you can send anonymous texts, or secretive texts. Text messages will anonymous, and become untraceable as they do not go through the carrier. So for complete privacy and discretion, Text Vault is just what you need.

Therefore, check out THIS burner phone app, cheaper and more convenient than an actual burner phone!