What Is Hotspot Shield Free Trial: An Explanation

Hotspot Shield free trial is a free VPN from Hotspot Shield. This VPN app is made available to people that want to try out hotspot VPN before they make a commitment and pay for the full app. Hotspot Shield is a premium VPN app that allows you to surf the internet privately and securely. It offers good connection speeds and other nice VPN features such as a killswitch and military-grade encryption. Unfortunately, Hotspot shield’s free trial gives users access to the VPN for only seven days which may not be enough time to fully test out the capabilities of the VPN. Some other VPN apps give you unlimited access to a stripped-down version of their VPN to allow you to test it out fully before you commit to paying for the full version.

What Is Hotspot Shield Free Trial: Benefits of VPN for Chrome

Using a VPN for your internet connection affords you several benefits some of which are highlighted below.

  1. Download safely from torrents

Torrents are file-sharing sites hosted on p2p networks. A lot of different file types are shared on torrents including music, movies, and apps. One of the advantages of using a torrent site is its download speed. Since it uses a shared network, it can piece together parts of the same file on different computers in the network to allow for super-fast download speeds. Torrents are however not completely safe as they leave your computer open to malicious attacks. A VPN app however protects you from such attacks by hiding all of the information that can be used to target you.

2.   Online Privacy

Privacy is a top priority for a lot of Internet users. A good VPN uses strong encryption protocols to ensure that only you and the VPN owner have access to your data. If someone else gets access to your data while using an insecure VPN, they could steal your identity or other sensitive information.

3.   Prevent ISP throttling

Internet service providers sometimes slow down the speed of your internet connection to certain services, streaming, and gaming services especially. This is often done when too many people try to connect to these services. To free yourself from the slow internet caused by ISP throttling, you can make use of a VPN’s information cloaking feature. This prevents your ISP’s ability to know what services you access while you are connected to the internet.

What Is Hotspot Shield Free Trial: Top VPN Alternatives

  1. VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault should be your first choice when you need the features of a VPN app. It is the best VPN for streaming movies on Netflix  and offers one of the best free VPN app experiences through the free version that allows you to route 200 megabytes of bandwidth through it daily for as many days as you want unlike Hotspot Shield free trial that can only be used for seven days. VPN Vault by Appsverse secures your data through military-grade AES-256 encryption and has a no-logs policy. You also do not have to worry about speed loss with Vpn Vault as it offers extremely fast upload and download speeds. Combined with thousands of servers in over 75 countries, VPN Vault is the best choice for your private internet needs.

2.   Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is one of the best VPN proxy tools for unlocking access to restricted content and websites. Tunnelbear VPN gives you access to a certain amount of bandwidth usage every month which can be increased by paying a fee.

3.   Express VPN

This is another great VPN app that offers you a free trial period. Unlike Hotspot Shield’s free trial though, you get 30 days of free use with Express VPN.

What Is Hotspot Shield Free Trial: Which VPN app do I choose?

After a series of tests involving several VPN apps, the above-listed apps were revealed to be the best in terms of performance and affordability. Vpn Vault by Appsverse however takes the crown as the overall best VPN app for both Android and iOS devices.