This guide provides information about what is Tuxler VPN for Chrome, two of the best VPN alternatives, and our recommendations.

If you operate remotely or value your online privacy, a VPN (a virtual private network) is essential. Simply put, a VPN helps if you want to keep your information secure and your online life private from prying eyes. This is how it works: A VPN encrypts your internet connection, keeping your browsing habits hidden and your data secure.

What Is Tuxler VPN for Chrome: An Explanation

Tuxler VPN for Chrome is a free service that provides you with a residential IP address to conceal the fact that you are using a proxy. That means no one will be able to tell you're utilizing an anonymity service. A residential IP address is just an IP address connected with a home address rather than a business address. Therefore, Tuxler is an excellent VPN for streaming content on Netflix.

It is affordably priced and has received praise for its end-to-end encryption. However, it allows you to utilize other users' IP addresses, and there is no information available on how they ensure this practice is secure.

This best free VPN app is superior compared to other free VPNs. They provide you with limitless bandwidth, which means you can watch videos without buffering. You can securely surf websites and stream on your favorite video platforms.

What Is Tuxler VPN for Chrome: Benefits of VPN for Security

The number of VPN service providers is increasing because of the following benefits:

Secure Your Network

Unknown to you, a program or website can track your internet activities. They can evaluate the information they have gathered and use it to target you with advertisements. Without a VPN, pop-up ads can disrupt your browsing experience, and this can be quite annoying.

Protect Your Private Information

VPN can conceal your personal information. Hackers can intercept sensitive data you provide on websites using different methods. They can use that information to use your identity, credit card details, get access to bank accounts, and other vital information. But with a VPN, you will have a high level of security features like 256-bit encryption.

Avoid Data Throttling

Data throttling happens when you have used up a certain amount of your allotted data and your ISP decides to slow down your service. Using a VPN ensures you can surf the web or stream without bandwidth limitations. This is very helpful for employees who need to use data plans on their devices while accessing the internet while on the go.

What Is Tuxler VPN for Chrome: Top VPN Alternatives

Below are two of the best VPN alternatives you can consider:

VPN Vault

VPN Vault by Appsverse is one of the popular VPNs because of its many benefits. VPN Vault uses a custom protocol instead of the Open VPN protocol used by many VPN apps today. As compared to other VPNs, it has a faster connection time. Instead of the three-way handshake, it only happens between the destination server and the VPN server.

You get improved security since this VPN only operates between your client and the VPN client. Thus, external devices can't connect to the VPN client. VPN Vault is more firewall-friendly. This VPN runs over TCP utilizing TLS that mimics internet traffic. You can download it on your iOS and Android devices.


NordVPN contains an extensive list of countries and servers, but their service does come at a steep price so it's not the best solution for those who are on a budget.

What Is Tuxler VPN for Chrome: Which VPN app do I choose?

With a plethora of VPN to choose from, deciding which one will work best for you is quite difficult. After reviewing some of the top VPN alternatives for Tuxler VPN for Chrome, we highly recommend VPN Vault. With its AES-256 military-grade encryption, the protection and anonymity it can provide are far better than others.

It is recommended for ease of access it offers. Its high download and upload speeds beat the popular VPN services, which is quite commendable. You can download the app and test it to enjoy the many perks of using VPN Vault. The PC and Mac versions are available on their website.