Not sure where exactly is the best place to buy a burner phone?

It’s pretty easy to get burner phones these days, but not every place makes it worth your while.

In fact, getting a burner phone from some places does no good for your privacy.

Here’s what you need to know about the best place to buy a burner phone.

The best place to buy a burner phone: 5 things you should know

Tip 1: Only buy burner phones from places that allow upfront cash payments

Only buy burner phones with upfront cash.

We’ve mentioned this before in earlier posts and can’t stress this enough.

A burner phone is only private if you buy and use it the right way. And the right way to buy one, is to only buy one with cold, hard cash.

You want to do so as this helps you avoid any possibility of having the purchase traced back to you.

That means avoiding major retailers like Walmart or Target, since these places tend to require identity registration.

It also means that getting a burner phone online is a big no-no, as these transactions leave a digital trail that can be traced back to you.

Tip 2: Don’t buy from places that only sell burner phones on a contract basis.

Never, ever buy a burner phone on a contract basis

A burner phone can be a prepaid phone, but not all prepaid phones can be burner phones.

Prepaid phones that are bought on a contract basis just won’t work.

Being on a contract means sharing your personal information with another party. That does your anonymity no favours.

Tip 3: Don’t buy from places that only sell “locked” burner phones

(image credit: Digital Camera World) Avoid buying "locked" burner phones altogether

There are basically two types of burner phones: “locked” and “unlocked”

“Locked” burner phones have a SIM card that’s fixed to a particular mobile carrier.

“Unlocked” burner phones allow you to freely slot in or out a SIM card of your choice.

Not only are “locked burner phones” associated with a unique SIM card, they also tend to require identity registration. Not great if you’re looking to protect your privacy.

Tip 4: Consider buying from mobile virtual network operators

(image credit: Cricket Wireless) Cricket Wireless is one of many MVNOs based in the USA

Mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs in short, tend to not only offer cheaper rates, but also pry less into your personal information.

MVNOs in the US include Google Fi, Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless, EasyGo and much, much more. ‘

The same rules still apply: avoid getting burner phones even from MVNOs if you’re required to make payment in any other way except cash, or if the phones are only sold on a contract basis.

Tip 5: Think carefully before getting a second-hand device

(image credit: Pinterest) Think twice before buying a second-hand prepaid cell phone.

Some retailers may sell second-hand prepaid cell phones that go for significantly cheaper rates.

Aesthetically, these phones usually appear no different from their pristine, brand new counterparts.

But these mobile devices have a history. A history you’re completely unfamiliar about.

If you’re planning on getting a burner phone, you’ll want to absolutely make sure that the phone you’re getting actually protects your privacy. We highly recommend avoiding retailers that only deal in second – hand mobile devices.

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