Searching for “where to buy a burner phone near me”?

These days, lots of places sell burner phones.

Walmart has them. Amazon has them. Even the convenience store located just round the corner from where you stay probably has them too.

But not every burner phone sold actually protects your privacy.

In fact, there’re some places you’d want to actively avoid.

Take note of these when you search “where to buy a burner phone near me”

Whether a burner phone actually protects your privacy or not depends on how you buy and use them.

Naturally, that means part of that depends on where you got your burner phone in the first place.

Situation 1: You bought your burner phone from a major retailer or mobile carrier

Avoid buying burner phones from major retailers or mobile carriers like T-Mobile.

Getting a burner phone to protect your privacy?

You should always avoid buying a burner phone from any major retailer like Walmart, or mobile carrier like T-Mobile.

That’s because with these folks, they’ll typically require some degree of identity registration.

Buying a phone from Walmart, for example, will require your:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account / credit card information

Also, major retailers and mobile carriers typically get you to sign a mobile contract when buying a burner phone.

That’s also a big no-no.

Situation 2:  You bought your burner phone on a contract.

When buying burner phones, never sign your privacy away with a mobile contract.

And that brings us to point number two: never buy a burner phone from a place that requires a contract.

Remember: you’re getting a burner phone to protect your privacy.

It wouldn’t make sense at all if you’re freely giving away personal information by signing a contract.

If you’re ever handed a contract when buying a burner phone, just walk away.

Situation 3: You didn’t pay for your burner phone in cash

You should only buy a burner phone with cash.

Lastly, you should only buy burner phones from place that allow you to make purchases upfront in cash.

Refrain from card transactions or bank transfers as either of these leave a trail that can be traced back to you.

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