If you have seen someone in the streets carrying two phones or know someone close to you carrying two phones, you may be perplexed and confused as to why. Why would anyone need two phones?

When seeing two phones, many may think that the person carrying them is a serious business person, perhaps handling many businesses at once. Or, you may have the thought that he is a person involved in some shady dealings that require him to keep his activities on the low and separate from his personal phone number.

However, people with two phones could be carrying two phones for many reasons. Additionally, most don't realise that they do not need two phones. The Phoner app is the choice app today for anyone and everyone to access more than one phone numbers on their phone!

Why carry two phones?

Here are some reasons for why someone would have two phones:

Business: Some individuals do utilize one telephone for work and one for individual use. They find it easier to have all their business dealings on a whole separate phone so they can organise their life better. Often, companies themselves do afford their clients an additional work phone too.

Work responsibilities: Due to the nature of some people's work, they may need to access another phone. For example, app developers may need another phone to test their app across various devices.

Battery concerns: Some people who need to keep in touch with their contacts 24/7 or receive notifications for a business they run world-wide, for example, may need to have their phones on all the time. Charging up their one phone every single time may not be the best option!

Why you don't need two phones

If you are a business person who think that they could do with a second phone number, you can download apps like Phoner that give you a second phone number.

For those starting out in the business scene or who would want to experiment keeping their work and personal lives separate, it is a good idea for you to test out having a second phone number rather than buying a whole phone. You would not need to be carrying two phones for no reason!

How to get another phone number?  

Step 1: Download Phoner app

First, you will need the Phoner app which is a virtual phone number app for iOS. Phoner is a top-rated phone number app on the App Store with 4.4 Stars and over 6,000 Ratings.

If you are an Android user, do not fret. Phoner is also available on Android,

Step 2: Sign up for a free account

Once you have downloaded Phoner, you should go ahead and sign up for a free account.

Signing up for a free account is easy. Just choose a username and password and you're all set. No additional personal information is necessary, protecting you and your personal identity.

Step 3: Select your Phoner number

Next, make sure that you have the Phoner number selected as your active number. To do this, tap on the top Title Bar to reveal a dropdown. Next, tap on the Phoner number to select it.

BONUS: Get a FIXED number to store and share with your contacts

You will notice that the Phoner number can only be used to send texts or make calls online from the internet to mobile phone for free. While this is a great feature for anonymity, it can be not as useful as a free phone number to receive texts and calls.

With Phoner, you can get a Premium number and you can even choose the locality of the number as you please. Phoner provides number from over 30 countries and 50 states! It couldn't get better than this!

For reduced costs with online international calling and texting, you can get the Premium number of  the city or country your business clients or overseas relatives are based at.

To get the Premium number for free, select your Premium number and simply select it under a "3-day Free Trial". You can immediately use it within the 3 days to call and send texts from internet to mobile phone for free.

You vs Two Phones

If you are just someone starting out with your business, experiencing an expanded clientele list or want to experiment separating your work and personal contacts, download the Phoner free phone number app now to start calling and texting as you please. You don't have to spend a bomb acquiring a second phone just to enjoy the benefits of having two or more phone numbers!