If you aren’t already using a burner app for uber, maybe it’s time you should.

Ridesharing services like Uber are certainly convenient. But often, it’s more than just you being taken for a ride.

From years of intrusive app features to years of privacy scandals, here’s why you should get a burner app for Uber.

Get a burner app for Uber now: 3 reasons why

Reason 1: Many in – app features place your privacy at risk

How Uber is designed to work carries many risks for your personal privacy.

Many of Uber's features pose some degree of privacy risk

Let’s start with signing up.

When you first sign up for an Uber account, you have the option to connect your Uber account to your social media accounts.

It’s a convenient way to verify your identity, but doing so means that the app also has access to personal information that’s shared on your social networks.

You’ll also need to provide a working cell phone number in order to use Uber.

Using your actual phone number is a big privacy risk, especially since your driver/rider (who’s likely a stranger you’ve never met) has full view of it.

Plus, if you’re paying by credit card, that’s another privacy risk right there.

Using a fake number from a burner app won’t solve all your privacy woes, but it’ll certainly keep your data much safer.

Reason 2: Uber still hasn’t quite figured user privacy out.

Few companies have struggled with privacy as much as Uber.

Since 2015, the company has seen scandal after scandal.

And while Uber swears it doesn’t sell or user personal data for direct marketing,  whether it closely monitors employees who handle sensitive data is questionable.

(image credit: Business Insider) 49 scandals later, Uber still hasn't figured out user privacy

Worse, Uber’s investigations into sexual assault cases actually saw the company freely hand over personal information of riders without their consent.

Even as recently as 2019, the company continues to struggle with ensuring user privacy.

Take its recent decision to record rides for driver and passenger safety for example.

When data privacy means collecting even more user data, something doesn’t quite add up.

Reason 3: Burner numbers keep you safe, even after the ride

Believe or not, your phone number can reveal a lot more about you than you think.

And it’s not just about state or area codes. With the right tools, it’s possible for anyone to locate or track you with terrifying accuracy.

Anyone with the right tools can track you using your actual phone number.

Uber knows how sensitive your phone number is. That’s why they rolled out phone number anonymisation in 2019.

But while Uber is doing its part to protect your phone number privacy, you can also do one better by using a fake number for Uber via a burner app.

That way, your phone number will still be safe even if Uber fails to keep it anonymous.

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