Unless you’re on the Zenmate Apple TV extension, you enjoy the fractured and broken part of the internet. You need the kind of internet connectivity that prioritizes your need for the service over corporate profits. Using VPN Vault is the kind of boldness to fight to take back the internet.

Upon reading that, you must wonder to yourself: what does Zenmate for Apple TV have to do with internet freedom? The answer: content filtering. You know, when a corporate entity blocks you from enjoying certain content because you’re not good for business.

What is Zenmate and Apple TV?

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When it comes to online streaming services, you're never really enjoying the freedom of choice. For example, Apple TV+ is home to the hit movie 'The Banker', featuring Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson. If you wanted to watch this, it’s as simple as getting a subscription, right? Wrong.

If you're reading this in March 2021, congratulations, you can finally watch 'The Banker' on Apple TV. You see, it can take up to an entire year for Apple TV to finally release a movie to their broader audience after release. Why? Because you don’t bring the company value compared to someone else on the other side of the world.

So what does Zenmate have to do with all of this? Zenmate is a VPN service built to deter practices like content filtering by promoting equal access to the internet. It does so by driving all your Internet traffic through a network of servers located around the world.

Content blocking and filtering are the great pains and absurdities of an increasingly disregarded digital rights framework. There’s something wrong with these companies that think they have the right to decide when and who can enjoy the content. After all, the Internet doesn’t belong to anyone.

Why are certain apps and shows blocked in certain areas?

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Content filtering is a simple practice, but one with a deep, far-reaching impact. This is absurd. It tramples on the norms that bind the world, society, and community. Since politicians standby silently as corporations hack their way at internet freedom, the internet is turning to VPN Vault by Appsverse.

Corporations are not ignorant of you; they choose to repress your access to internet content because you’re not profitable enough to their liking. In their defense, they will hide behind licensing regulations that dictate what is available on the World Wide Web and when.

But these laws and restrictions are hardly effective if you have the Zenmate Google Chrome extension installed. Perhaps you might be wondering if Zenmate safe is. Zenmate is a VPN, which means it’s the safety for protecting all your internet activity and bolstering your privacy.

VPN alternative to unblock Apple TV such as VPN Vault

A VPN is the only tool at your disposal to take up big companies like Apple TV+ with their licensing regulations and win. VPN Vault, for instance, is a great starting point. Once installed, VPN Vault lets you access the internet not because what others say is 'acceptable,' rather because it's your right.

Often, the best way to fight content filtering and blocking are by masquerading as an IP address in a company’s home turf. Unfortunately, the video views from ordinary people are not enough to warrant access. VPN Vault leads with servers located across the globe that will place in the middle of the action.

Available for download for iOS and Android devices, VPN Vault is a champion for equal internet-based content access. When your online activities are disparaged as bad for business, a VPN masks your digital footprint as positive ROI for Apple TV.

Truth be told, there are some valid reasons for content filtering. Download the Zenmate apk to get unrestricted access to Apple TV’s library. However, if you want to lift a little more restriction from your internet beyond Zenmate for Apple TV, VPN Vault is the app for you.