Whether you're a Wall Street enthusiast or are into uncovering all of the sinister and crimes that lurk in the business world, some of these finance movies on Netflix in 2019 could be just what you need for your upcoming 'Netflix and Chill' sessions.

Money (2019)

This Korean film tells the tale of Il-Hyun, a rookie stockbroker, who meets Beonhopyo, a successful scamming artist, who eventually asks his help in one of his scams.

Many have been upset that they could no longer watch "Wolf of Wall Street" online on Netflix anymore since it got taken down last October. But, not all hope is lost. This movie has been dubbed as the Korean version of “Wolf of Wall Street”, so give this a try, and see if it compares to the Martin Scorsese classic.

The Big Short (2015)

Featuring a star-studded cast with Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling, ‘The Big Short’ tells the story of how a group of men take advantage of an oncoming economic crisis to make hefty profits for themselves in the stock market. The movie won multiple awards, including the Academy Award for best writing adapted screenplay in 2016. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Wall Street movies on Netflix.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Gordan Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released after a long prison term for insider trading. Now seeking to mend his relationship with his daughter, he is approached by her fiancé, Jake (Shia Lebouf) and teaches him of his money-making ways. Hopeful Jake soon learns how “greed is good”, but how far can he go? This film is definitely a list-topper of the best finance movies on Netflix and a must-watch for fans of iconic Wall street scenes.  

Betting on Zero (2016)

This Netflix Documentary tells of the real-life greed and tyranny that consumes Wall Street. It follows Bill Ackman, who is on a crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in the world. It details the stories of distributors who have been scammed by the company and the feuds between Ackman and Herbalife’s CEO Michael O. Johnson and Investor Carl Icahn. This documentary is worth the watch as one of the best real-life marketing movies on Netflix.  

Inside Job (2010)

In this true crime movie, ‘Inside Job’ won the admiration of critics and the public alike for its extensive and detailed exposé on the events that led to the collapse of the economy in 2008. The narration by Matt Damon perfectly complements the extensive report on the systematic corruption and disenfranchising of the people in the American-led capitalist system that has been uncovered by director Charles Ferguson. Make this movie a must-watch for any Wall Street or finance fanatic because this is one of the best finance and business movies on Netflix of all time.

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Whether you are a Wall Street enthusiast or a people’s activist, some of the best finance movies on Netflix could lend so much knowledge and know-how into the business world.

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