Have your phone been hacked again? We understand your pain. The feeling almost akin to waking up in the morning to find your house ransacked and your valuables gone, in this case your personal data. So we are here to share with you 5 tricks on how you can secure your phone from hackers. Read on to find out more.

TRICK 1 : Always keep your phone updated

Always swiped off the software updates in your phone? You might not want to do that after what we are about to tell you. Mobile software updates are not simply updates to make your phone background images prettier or sort. It often includes up-to-date anti-hacking features that are new and improved from the older versions.

It is also no surprise therefore that some of the most common reason why hackers are successful is due to the out-of-date software. And if you are not careful, not updating your software could make you the next victim. So don’t wait please.

Just like a thief, hackers exploit your out-of-date software to access your phone details

TRICK 2: Not downloading because your friend says so

Ever downloaded something because your friends said its good? Well, the “good” probably didn’t include phone safety. To secure your phone from hackers, the number 1 golden rule is not to download anything that you are unsure of. While your app store may have their own vetting process, it does not guarantee 100% that those apps on sales are not malicious. In fact, enabling foreign players to come in and offer app on Play store provides a convenient route for hackers to offer your apps with dangerous, putrid viral software.

The next thing your friend recommends you an app to download, remember to check, check, and check!

TRICK 3: Use a variety of passwords

Today, we have a variety of options for password generation. From finger print to automatic unlock features, why do we still need the traditional password setting option? Well, that depends. Because different passwords methods have their own limitations. A finger print password may be accessible if someone has your fingerprints. The traditional 6-digit password can also readily be found if you happen to write them down on a papers stuck to your office desk. The idea is to use a variety and not rely solely on one password.

Use a mix of traditional 6 pin password and and new fingerprint to secure my phone from hackers

TRICK 4: Know what you download

Notice that permission to access your photo when you download Instagram? Or to access your contacts when downloading Whatsapp. These may be necessary for the app to perform their functions. But how about an unknown app say “SuperCleaner-Antivirus” asking for your data. That shouldn’t be too big of a concern, right? Well, the only issue is that clicking that button would give this hacking app access to your entire bulk of personal data.

While you can be always correct in identifying which app is safe or not, you can find out how much permission that your current apps are given. Simple tap Settings >> Privacy to find out how much of your data is at stake.

TRICK 5: Use a second phone line

Thus far, it seems that the solutions can only remedy but it leaves your phone open to hackers still. How to secure my phone from hackers when they seem to be winning. Or maybe not? A second phone line can help divert hacker’s attention to a separate phone number. Imagine letting them have a taste of their own medicine. And your data remains mostly protected at the same time. Apps like Phoner app offer such services and can guarantee your data remains protected for you and your friends and family.

Try Phoner app, your answer to how to secure your phone from hackers.