Notice that your new Samsung phone battery is down within a few hours. Well, it could be more than just Samsung. Did you know that that sounds like a symptom of a hacked phone? Not trying to sound like a doctor here, but just like a normal person, there are symptoms that you can look out for on whether your phone data might have already been compromised. Interested, scared? How to find out if someone is hacking your phone? Read on to find out more.

3 signs and symptoms if someone is hacking your phone

There are a few key symptoms that you should watch out for. These symptoms may reveal if someone is hacking your phone.

Symptom 1: Shorter battery lifespan

The doctor is in the house and the first symptom of a hacked phone is an easily depleted battery life. It may be normal for an older smartphone to have a shorter battery span, but for the phone that you just bought three months ago? Not normal. And going back asking for a change or a refund isn’t going to help. If your phone has already been hacked, its more than a broken phone that you should be worried about.

So how does a hacked phone lead to lower battery life? When a malware or a virus in installed into your phone, the hackers are in fact making a copy of your phone details and naturally, that means depleting your phone battery to carry out their thieving action. Just like… well… a biological virus. Sadly, there isn’t a viral vaccine against phone virus, but we will get to something of that sort soon. For now, lets see the next symptom.

Symptom 2: Repeated phone crashing

“Not responding. Do you wish to close that app”. Doesn’t this look familiar? You check the tabs opened on your phone internet browser. 2 apps only. Then it could be a more sinister problem. Malware and virus infected into your phone may overrun some of your application when trying to extracting them. Your page slowing down, or social media apps getting pixelated repeatedly could be warning sign to find out if someone is hacking your phone details.

If delayed, it may not just be your phone in peril. Your privacy may be in peril too.

Symptom 3: Overly-frequent pop up

Hacking are downright sinister for the average Joe who wants a hack-free life. But some hacking symptoms can be downright annoying. Ever notice that you are constantly directed to random websites to view? No, that often isn’t a friendly new feature for your new smartphone.

This could be the work of adware, a malicious Malware branch that interrupt your internet searches direction. Their intent, to redirect you to sites that phish your personal information or just simply to earn that paid to click profit with you doing that job for them.

Constantly redirected to other web pages? It could be a sign someone is hacking your phone.

SOLUTION: How you can prevent someone from hacking your phone

Annoying, frustrated? We feel you.

That is why it’s time for your phone’s antibiotics. Not another one of the anti-malware or virus software that you are bombarded with online. High chances that won’t stand the first wave of determined hackers. Instead, simply get a second phone line from apps such as Phoner app. This helps you divert their hacking campaign into a separate number while your real phone number remains safe for you and your family.

How to find out if someone is hacking your phone? Well you don’t need to. Just use Phoner app and say goodbye to hackers. Try Phoner app.