In some situations, recording a phone call can be important, whether it is for a business or legal purposes, or just because you want to keep a copy of the call. Unfortunately, creating a recording is not as straight forward as you think.

The iPhone still lacks a built in recording tool for doing this, and not many third-party apps in the Apple App Store hardly does a good job in offering recording capabilities.

Here at Appsverse, we can show you how you can record any call, with our top rated call recording app for iPhone.

Can you record a phone call?

Yes, you can certainly record a phone call for any purpose you like, as long as you can the right software, tools or equipment. Here are your best options: a call recording app, a physical recording device, or complex call center solution if you are a large business owner.

Most of the times, we may just need to record one, two, or just a few phone calls. In that case, we would not recommend a physical recording device, nor a call center solution, as these are expensive and require heavy investment.

The answer for most consumers might be a simple phone call recording app. We recommend using the Re-Call Call Recorder App for iPhone, which is not only the top downloaded and top rated phone call recording app, but also one of the easiest way to record phone calls on your phone.

Can you record any phone call that you like?

Yes, our phones today are almost an extension of our bodies. We use it to make calls to order pizzas, book a taxi, or even to make that next appointment with the doctor.

Recording phone calls can come in handy no matter the type of phone call that you are planning to record. In the case of ordering a pizza and food delivery, you would be surprised to hear that there have been cases of personal privacy intrusion by food delivery man. If you had the call recorded in the first place when talking to the deliverymen, you may have a much better chance in making a case or complaint back to the food delivery company with the audio poof.

Recording phone calls are also paramount in business and legal situations. A call recording could be the reason between an easy win and a long drawn lawsuit that goes on for years.

Can you record a phone call without permission?

Technically, you could record a phone call without letting the other person know, if you reside outside one of the 11 states that require consent for call recordings.

If you do not need permission, you could just simply fire up the Recall Call Recorder app and you are good to go.

Can you record a phone call without a recording app?

Sure, you could use something like a Google Voice number that provides you with some basic recording features, although it is currently limited to only incoming calls.

If you need a solution that can record both incoming and outgoing calls, then a call recording app is your best bet.

An app like Recall Call Recorder also works from anywhere around the world, making it the best reason you should record calls using an app like that.

Can you record a phone call then email the recording to someone?

If you are using an app like Recall Call Recorder, emailing the recording to someone is dead simple.

After you have made the recording, you can go to the 'Recordings' tap and go into each recording and download or email the recordings you want to a desktop computer or online storage.

Where can I Download Re-Call Call Recorder?

Re-call Call Recorder App is top rated on the iOS App Store, with 1 million+ downloads, 4.0 stars and 1,200++ ratings. Download it from the App Store for your iPhone today.