The Coffee Meets Bagel dating app is the most popular dating app for creating meaningful connections between users. Created by three sisters based in San Francisco, Coffee Meets Bagel thrives to create quality, meaningful connections between romance-seeking individuals. This helps CMB to differentiate itself from other dating apps that encourage swiping and casual hook-ups- a dating experience some may find to be bland and toxic.

Cute name! But how does the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app work?

By using a smart algorithm that encourages ‘slow dating’, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app emphasizes on quality matching based on your selected preferences and your ‘liked’ history to curate a limited number of potential matches – called Bagels – each day.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel a good dating app?

Now, you might ask, "is Coffee Meets Bagel a good dating app because of this?" It depends. If you’re looking for your soulmate or ‘the one’, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app is definitely your new best friend as it aims to help you find that long-term, happily-ever-after relationship. Check out this Coffee Meets Bagel dating app review if you need more coaxing!

That being said, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app might also not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to dating preferences. Maybe you’re sowing wild oats. Or you’re still in school and are looking for Coffee Meets Bagel dating apps for college students to meet people outside of your social circle.

Whoever you are and whatever your romantic intentions, there are other dating apps or a dating app like Coffee Meets Bagel that help you find true love or a quickie (no judgment, we all have needs). Here’s a guide to get you started.

Before you jump right in to action, there are some Coffee Meets Bagel dangers that we’d like you to be aware of.

Hidden dangers of Coffee Meets Bagel app

Just like most apps nowadays, it will suggest two ways of registering for an account:

Sign up 1: Using a pre-existing Facebook account

By using Facebook, this helps speed up the process of setting up a profile as your photos and key information are simply pulled from Facebook.

Sign up 2: Using your phone number

Perhaps you prefer to make a profile from scratch and therefore choose your phone number as a sign-up method. This is another way that the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app can verify the authenticity of the user.

By using either of these to sign up, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app gains access to a lot of personal information you put online.

Personal Privacy Dangers on Coffee Meets Bagel App

Danger #1. Harassment from strangers

So you matched with a Bagel, and had a lovely chat before he or she asked for that anticipated face-to-face meet up. Because the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app arranges time-sensitive message windows that expire, you agree to exchanging phone numbers to stay in contact and arrange a date.

What if you decided after the meeting that you didn’t like your Bagel, but he or she just won’t stop calling or texting? You could change your phone number, but then that means going through tons of trouble just to rid yourself of a stalker, only to get another sticky Bagel on your plate the next time!

Danger #2. Matching with people in your social network after linking your Facebook account

Some people simply detest the idea of dating apps, and it is worse when the criticism comes from family or friends whom you love. We get it. Which is why you may prefer their not knowing that you are on the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app to find your life partner or a booty call.

So, creating a fake Facebook account might do the trick. However, that also means having to go through the entire set-up process of selecting a profile picture, adding legitimate photos, and scribbling a couple of posts to make your account look more authentic. Oh, and adding complete strangers so that you look like you have friends. Ain’t that another can of worms right there?

Danger #3. Having your personal information leaked and exposed online

Point proven and taken by the recent Coffee Meets Bagel dating app data leak. ‘Nuff said.

So how does using a second phone number help protect my Coffee Meets Bagel privacy?

By using a second phone number, you greatly reduce the chances of jeopardizing your personal identity and information online, and also avoid all the Coffee Meets Bagel problems mentioned. Getting a prepaid card or new phone plan for that second number, however, requires tons of hassle and money, let alone a second mobile phone to use it.

Therefore, having an app that generate disposable phone numbers comes in real handy here, where with a few clicks you can use the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app without any worries!

What is Phoner app?

The Phoner Second Phone Number app is your go-to app for creating fake phone numbers that you can use internationally in over 35 countries. Did we also mention that it’s free?

Step 1: Download Phoner App

Head to the App Store and download Phoner Second Phone Number app.

Step 2: Sign up for an account

Select ‘Sign Up’ on the main page, then input a username and password. And just like that, now you can start creating and managing your disposable phone number from any device!

Step 3: Choose your fake phone number

You can create as many disposable phone numbers as you want from a list of numbers that work in over 35 countries and in their unique area codes.

So TLDR: I can seek love but I must love myself first?

You got that right. Finding a life partner is tough, and there is still social stigma about doing that online through dating apps or websites. A dating app like Coffee Meets Bagel may ease your struggles of meeting 'the one', but it is also prime territory for cyber attacks given the nature of its platform.

With an app like Phoner, you can easily change your phone number to prevent your personal details from falling into the wrong hands. Start by downloading Phoner today so you can be protected from heartbreak at all times.