Do you know how to get a burner phone number online for free?

Few burner number apps provide truly free burner numbers.

But besides burner apps, there’re also lots of other ways to grab a burner phone number online for free.

Just don’t expect to keep them. Also, don’t expect the same quality.

Here’s how to get a burner phone number online for free

Tip 1: Take advantage of free trial periods

Don't need a permanent 

Planning to make just the occasional anonymous call or text every now and then?

If you don’t need a permanent burner phone number, one way to get a burner phone online for free is to make use of free trial periods on burner phone apps.

This will give you a free disposable phone number you can temporarily use.

These tend to last anywhere between 3 days to a week. Take note though, that some apps may limit what you can do during the trial period.

Tip 2: Use free online Voice-over-Internet-Protocol services

VoIP services pop up a lot in our articles and rightly so.

But while Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp are all free to use, you won’t be able to get burner phone numbers from them.

Try an online VoIP service like FreeCall for private and free calls

For privacy-focused VoIP services, give these a try instead:

  • Poptox
  • FreeCall
  • Call2Friends
  • iEvaphone

Regardless of which one you choose, all you have to do is simply:

  1. Key in the phone number you want to call
  2. Tap “Call”

And that’s it.

If you’re still unsure whether to trust online VoIP services, check their privacy policy first. Be careful if a VoIP service asks for any personal information.

Tip 3: Use TextMe Up’s free burner number

TextMe Up is one of few burner apps that provide users with a truly free burner number

If you absolutely have to have a permanent burner phone number on a reliable burner app, the only way to do so is with TextMe Up.

TextMe Up’s a good burner app, but do be aware that:

  • Customer service may be spotty.
  • User reviews complain that the app is ad-heavy.
  • Technical glitches may completely wipe your contact details / saved data

Get reliable privacy protection with Phoner

Getting a burner phone number online for free is great, but a free solution isn’t necessarily a reliable solution.

If you want a reliable and highly affordable privacy fix, try our own Phoner burner app.

Try Phoner for affordable and reliable phone privacy today.

With access to unlimited burner numbers you can instantly use without a new SIM, Phoner lets you make calls and texts reliably, all while protecting your privacy anytime, anywhere you are.

That’s how to get a burner phone number online for free. Give our suggestions a try, or get Phoner for iOS and Android for quick, reliable phone privacy today.