Not sure if you really need a burner phone for travel?

With so many affordable or even free options for staying in touch with loved ones overseas, getting a burner phone for travel doesn’t seem very economical anymore.

But sometimes, VoIP providers might not work.

And taking your phone along on the trip might also be risky.

That’s when you need a burner phone for travel.

Before you get yourself that travel burner phone, read this first.

Do you really need that burner phone for travel?

Truth is, you’ll hardly ever need to get a burner phone for travel at all these days.

With so many voice-over-Internet-Protocol providers like Skype and WhatsApp, sending a message or making a call to friends and family is free.

Even if you’re in a place with bad Wi-Fi, you can still turn to text messages to keep you connected.

So when do you really need a burner phone for travel?

Consider a burner phone for travel if your phone might be at risk of being damaged. 

The only time you should consider a travel burner phone is if you’re:

  1. You’re engaging in physical activity that could damage your phone
  2. You’re heading someplace with extreme temperatures
  3. You’re heading someplace with extreme altitude

Simply put, a burner phone for travel makes the most sense If phone safety is a major concern where you’re headed.

Here’s how to stay connected overseas anonymously for cheap

If your phone isn’t going to be in any major danger, all you really need to keep in touch when overseas are VoIP apps like Skype, Telegram and WhatsApp.

(image credit: WhatsApp) WhatsApp may be free to use, but it's not exactly private

These VoIP services are all free to use, and work well as long as you have a good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

But if you want a cheap way to stay connected anonymously, VoIP services won’t cut it.

For private calling and texting on the go, you’ll need a burner app instead.

Protect your privacy anywhere you are with Phoner

Ultimately, you should really only consider a burner phone for travel if your phone’s safety is a huge issue.

For easy, affordable and reliable phone privacy anywhere you are, all you need is Phoner.

With Phoner, you can transform your cell phone into a travel burner phone.

Simply download the app, pick from unlimited burner numbers and stay connected anonymously, anywhere you are without a new burner phone or SIM card.

Start protecting your phone privacy overseas today with Phoner on Android or iOS.