Pokemon Go might be as real as catching ‘em all can get, but it has its limits – and problems. A solution for all of them lies in using VPN location spoofing, but why should you play Pokemon GO with VPN?

Before we look at why you should play Pokemon GO with VPN, let’s take a look at what Pokemon GO is about, and how a VPN allows you to play the game almost anywhere.

What is Pokemon Go?

Announced back in September 2015 and launched by American software company Niantic back in July 2016, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality app that allows players to step into the shoes of Pokémon Trainers and not only catch Pokémon they encounter while walking, but also compete in gym battles and participate in team fights.  

Here are a few key traits of Pokemon Go:

-          It had 11 million monthly active users in 2019

-          Its offline events like Pokemon GO Safari Zone and Pokemon GO Fest are widly popular, with Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama 2019 seeing 150 000 thousand attendees who caught more than 24 million Pokemon – that much in just a week!

-          By May 2018, the game had been downloaded 800 million times.

-          By the end of March last yar, the game had been downloaded more than one billion times globally.

How does a VPN allow you to play Pokemon Go almost anywhere?

Most VPNs allow you to access location-restricted content by spoofing your location. For example, if you connect to a server that is in a country that is different from your actual location, your internet connection will then reflect to show that you are coming from that country instead.

By hiding your location, VPNs allow you to:

  • Bypass location constraints on certain websites and geographically variable games like Pokémon GO
  • Hide your online identity and protecting your anonymity on the internet
  • Prevent your online interactions from being monitored by third parties
  • Using a VPN with Pokémon GO therefore masks your in-app activity and changes your location within the Pokémon GO app itself. This is very important for two points:
  • Niantic monitors Pokémon GO servers for suspicious players whose location    does not match their phone’s GPS coordinates. If you cannot hide your actual location and Niantic detects this mismatch, you will likely receive a suspension or a ban.
  • You may need to use a GPS spoofing app TOGETHER WITH a VPN. Using just one or the other will not work and may get you suspended or banned.

Ultimately, VPNs allow you to play Pokemon GO anywhere because it allows you jump from virtual location to virtual location without the need for you to actually physically travel to each place.

It’s also one reason why you should use a VPN to play location-restricted games like Pokémon GO.  

What other reasons are there for why you should you a VPN to play Pokémon GO?

Why should you use a VPN to play Pokemon Go?

Reason 1: Pokemon GO is always full of limited time events that drop rate items, exclusive Pokémon and unique bonuses

With a VPN, you can take advantage of limited time events all over the world - and earlier!

In the world of Pokemon GO, players can take part in many virtual or physical events that typically commemorate some sort of special occasion. When Players participate in these events, they can receive rare items and bonuses that are sometimes exclusive to these events.

Events are also particularly important because they actually boost the odds of encountering rare Pokémon. We’re not just talking about the shinies, but themed Pikachus, Pichus and Raichus too!

You won’t be able to join offline events like Pokemon GO Safari Zones or GO Fests with just a VPN, but at least you can participate in online events anywhere in the world.  

Reason 2: Pokemon GO is full of location-specific Pokemon

Some Pokemon in Pokemon GO can only be found in specific regions

Not all Pokemon can be found in the same place, and quite a few of them can only be discovered in certain parts of the world. These location-specific, or regional, Pokemon include:

  • Tauros (only in North America)
  • Mr. Mime (only in Europe)
  • Kangaskhan (only in Australia)
  • Farfetch’d (only in Asia)
  • Corsola: (only in Equatorial regions)
  • Heracross (only in South or Central America)
  • Tropius (only in Africa)
  • Volbeat (Not found in the Americas)
  • Illumise (Only found in the Americas and Africa)
  • Lunatone (Not found in the Americas)

For a complete rundown on every regional pokemon from Gen One to Gen Five, take a look at Gamesradar’s super-detailed list here.

Unless you’re a frequent traveler or have friends who are, catchin ‘em all is going to take some serious time and effort. With a VPN, you can play Pokemon GO without having to physically visit each location.

Reason 3: Pokemon GO is banned in some countries (and places).

Some places have banned Pokemon GO out of safety and security concerns

Not everybody sees Pokemon GO as innocent, explorative fun – in 2017, local police in the state of Indiana alleged that the game was responsible for nearly 47% of the increase in total county-wide crashes.

Playing Pokemon GO doesn’t always sit well with safety and security, and some countries and places have gone as far as to completely ban the game. You won’t find any aspiring Pokemon Trainers wandering the streets of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia or Turkey – unless they have taken our advice and started playing with a VPN.

Places like historical memorials and embassies also do not allow the game on their premises. We get it – it’s not a good look to be hunting down Pokemon in Auschwitz or the Israeli Embassy. If you want to truly be free to realise your destiny as a Pokemon trainer, then you really need to play Pokemon GO with a VPN. (Just don’t quote us if you get into trouble).

Reason 4: Pokemon GO collects personally sensitive data. A LOT of it.

Just like any app, Pokemon GO asks for certain permissions in order for you to play.

Now it’s serious business. Using a VPN to play location-restricted games like Pokemon GO isn’t just about unlocking virtual limits – it’s also about protecting yourself while having fun online.

Prior to recent privacy updates, Niantic requested access to players’ contacts and not only collected, but stored players’ location information whenever the app was being used. Ostensibly, the company claims it’s necessary for quick updates and ensuring the game works as intended, but at the same time with so many online privacy scandals and hacking incidents it’s difficult not to worry.

Niantic has since taken steps to address user privacy issues with Pokemon GO, but with so much user location data the incentives to sell player information to interested third-party companies is huge. Using a VPN can help mask personally sensitive geo-data and keep yourself safe from any potential hacks or exploitation.

Reason 5: Pokemon GO reveals behavioural patterns that are not only captured in-game, but dangerous criminals too.

Pokemon Location reveals a lot of location features - maybe a bit too much for comfort.

As an app that displays location features, it is quite inevitable that Pokemon GO ended up as a perfect platform for would-be stalkers and criminals to exploit. If you frequent a particular route, or have a gym in a particular location, other players on the app can easily estimate your actual physical location and take advantage of this – with less than moral intentions.

Just take a look at the murder cases of Chen Jiansheng and Calvin Riley. Both men were playing Pokemon GO at the time of their deaths, and in both cases their assailant had been stalking them before.

A VPN might not help if you’re always sticking to the same walking routes, but online it can help protect you by spoofing your virtual location, making it harder for people to track and observe your patterns. It’s a huge reason why you should play Pokemon GO with VPN.

Most VPNs should allow you to play the game free from any location constraints as long as they have servers you can connect to in countries where Pokemon GO is allowed.

Popular VPNs for playing Pokemon Go usually have the following features:

-          Compatible with both Android and iOS

-          Has a money-back guarantee

-          Supports multiple devices at the same time

-          Is constantly updated to allow access to blocked content

-          Does not slow down connection speed

Some popular VPNs for playing Pokemon Go include:

-          NordVPN.With more than 5655 servers located in 58 countries and compatible with all platforms, gamers can easily use their VPN to connect any play without geographical restrictions. Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee.

-          ExpressVPN: Their network boast more than 3000 servers located in 94 countries. Also comes with 30-day money-back guarantee

-          SurfShark:Wide coverage with more than 1000 servers located in more than 61 countries.

-          OUR VERY OWN VPN Vault: Global coverage secured by military-grade data encryption keeps you safe while playing Pokemon GO at usual speeds.

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So that was our take on why you should play Pokemon GO with VPN.

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